They say fascism makes atrocity conventional. A conventional scene: two men waiting at a bus stop one of whom smokes a cigarette. The influence of Healthist ideology: the non-smoker demands that the smoker put out his cigarette. The smoker does not comply so the non-smoker beats and kicks him to the ground.

If closed circuit television (ubiquitous in Great Britain where this event occurred) hadn’t caught the scene, and if the victim was not, as it turned out, a deaf mute who had no idea what his assaulter was upset about, probably the courts and the press would likewise have remained deaf and dumb to what happened.

The violent man is going to jail for two years. If he’s smart he’ll apply for a high-paying grant-funded job with antitobacco when he gets out. If smokers are smart they’ll prepare themselves for whatever may come at them these days courtesy of antitobacco hate propaganda.



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