This powerful article about Germany from the First Post is quite encouraging, and it points out what we at FORCES have said for years and years: anti-tobacco and healthism are Nazism re-proposed with a no-smoking sign instead of a swastika but with the identical perverse philosophy.

It is interesting how this British article concludes:

Ironically, the country in Europe where there has arguably been the least resistance to anti-smoking legislation is Britain. The country that stood alone against the Nazis in 1940 is the one which seems keenest to observe laws that were first introduced by the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s. Whatever would the inveterate cigar smoker Winston Churchill have made of that?

By asking that question, this inspiring article unfortunately forgets a piece of history regarding Britain – a piece that should be carefully remembered. Recalling this inconvenient history explains to a large extent what may otherwise seem unexplainable: why a former champion of freedom and democracy such as Britain has become a champion of oppression.

The reason is this: in the times of Hitler, Nazism had more sympathizers in Britain than in any other part of the world except, perhaps, for Italy, which had a "sister regime," although it’s leader Mussolini actually despised Adolf Hitler. Too many Britons preferred to forget this after the war. The sad fact has been largely buried but it is still there. It is sufficient to type into any search engine the string “the Duke of Windsor and Nazism”. You’ll get thousands of returns on that issue.

The Duke of Windsor was by no means alone, but stands as the most prominent representative of a large portion of the British population, which possessed a mental architecture that despised those very individual liberties and self-determination that the rest of the country was a championing. That mental architecture has now come back with a vengeance using the excuse of health and safety. Tyranny always needs an excuse, because in spite of its vicious arrogance, it never has the courage to propose itself openly and to show its true colors – until it’s too late.

So, do you still think that this is about smoking in a pub? If so, please think again.



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