It’s war all over. Iowans are simply catching on and fighting back. Iowans including besieged bar owner Larry Duncan and rebellious VFW post Commander Denny Whitson are “taking up arms” against the state and its smoking ban.

Says Whitson: “I think the nation is watching what we’re doing, and if we lose … the whole nation is going to lose.”

Bill Duncan, Larry’s brother and proprietor of his own bar, believes “arrogance of the lawmakers” must be challenged.

Bar employee Chad Christofferson points out that the right to set smoking policies must be re-instated, not only for bars, but for all businesses.

Donations are being collected. Meetings are being scheduled. Citizens are rallying under an organization they call Freedom Fighters for All Citizens of Iowa. They say the real issue is their, and their children’s, freedom.

The revolutionists will not abide legislative arrogance. They will not accept the smoking ban. They intend to stand up and stand together in the face of “strong-arming tactics” recently employed by the Cigarette Gestapo. Says Christofferson: “Now all we’re going to do is fight even harder.”

We hope the noble efforts of these folks may yield some practical results. Despicable contemporary nut-case anti-smoking can be eliminated, to the enormous benefit of everyone everywhere, when the hysterical cry of "secondhand smoke kills" is expertly and finally revealed to all as the perfect nonsense that it is. The day must come for this.



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