We started with trash warning labels on cigarette packages. Infected by the healthist ideological cancer, the British Government can’t do anything but proceed with the insane healthist programme. Here come the labels on alcohol bottles.

“All drinks will be expected to carry details of units and recommended safe drinking levels on their labels by the end of next year.”
As is customary today, the alcohol industry has bent over without even trying to put up a fight: tobacco docet, and the bend-over is now called “voluntary agreement”. The industry must show that it is cooperating with the healthist Gestapo – or it will be MADE to. So, it is better to choose the Third Fascist Way. Here come the familiar statistics of imagination that anti-healthist fighters know so well. “The charity Alcohol Concern estimates that 60 people die every day from alcohol-related illnesses.” Please do not misread: to the "antis," an “estimate” substitutes for scientific proof – and please, be silent: there is no room for disagreement. "The debate is over” when it comes to “health and environment” – that’s why the industry has bent over right off the bat.
Once again, we confront the question, “why stop there”? How can we have a “safe level of exposure” for something that everyone knows is so poisonous, psycho-toxic and ADDICTIVE? “Public health” will have to turn to grisly images — such as those on cigarettes packages — educate the young and old into “health awareness”. Other "therapeutic" measures will include social rejection, lawsuits, prohibition of advertisement, abundant epidemiological trash with attributions of disease (important!), as well as hammering propaganda and mega-taxation. In short, everybody will be as “free” to drink as he is to smoke – providing that he is made socially inoperative by “public health”. And legal alcohol inhaler surrogates can be marketed to give pride to rebellious, “defiant fighters” who will want to drink right in the face of the inevitable drinking bans which will be observed because “it’s the law”!
One key point of the process must be the passive alcohol fraud — again developed with epidemiological trash questionnaires on memories of exposures, which will associate passive alcohol with cancer and heart disease for maximum fear. We can already see the embryo of this here. And once the masses believe that “if you can smell it, it can kill you”, les jeux sont fait, and prohibition will be with us once again. Prohibition = health, take it from the “health authorities”!



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