There is no need to remind our readers that smoking bans have absolutely nothing to do with non-smokers’ health.

The whole fascist anti-tobacco strategy is to turn smokers into outcasts so they feel compelled to give up their enjoyable habit through the use of pharmaceutical products. Through many years of brainwashing some smokers believe the only reason they smoke is because they are "helpless addicts who will expire prematurely." Many smokers deny they smoke because they enjoy it and desperately seek every miracle solution that will save them from themselves. Never mind that millions of smokers who really wanted to quit have done so through their own determination alone.

This astute marketing strategy has brainwashed too many sheep who run to their friendly neighborhood drugstore to catch up on the latest invention that will free them from their assumed slavery. Whether consumed in the form of dangerous pills or useless nicotine replacement therapy devices of every sort including kiddy flavored gum, the indoctrinated smoker fills the pockets of the pharmaceutical giants who laugh all the way to the bank at the smoker’s expense. In fascist states government forms a partnership with corporations to exploit the people as seen now where the supposed hazards of smoking is the perfect excuse to raise taxes to the extortionist level of nearly $10.00 per pack in Canada while stacking the deck so that the drug companies’ bottom line is thickened by smokers, pressured by government policy to substitute tobacco with pharmaceutical quackery. A win-win situation for corporate and governmental interests with the parasitical anti-tobacco industry serving as advertizing agents, ensuring themselves a very comfortable living through the grants of both government and pharmaceutical entities.

But this all too transparent tactic is fast changing with more and more smokers waking up to the fact that they are being duped and exploited by the fascist healthists as their desperate propaganda "becomes more absurd by the day."

In Canada at the very minimum 40% of all cigarette consumption is illegally bought, untaxed tobacco, to the point that native tobacco producers have become the second biggest producers in the country surpassed only by Imperial Tobacco, and not by too "great a margin".

So what exactly has Canadian society gained through their barbarian anti-smoking campaign?

Economic hardships for the hospitality and tourist industry, farmers losing their livelihoods, illegal tobacco rapidly gaining ground over the biggest tobacco manufacturer in the country, at least four, real deaths directly attributed to the smoking bans, violence, social and family division, to name only the more blatant perverse side effects of anti-tobacco dictate.

After all the efforts and millions of taxpayer dollars spent, did their hypocritical attempts to decrease tobacco prevalence succeed in Canada? Negative, if we believe the 2007 report from Stats Canada linked at the bottom. The anti-smoking cartel must be having a party at this piece of news as they see their future well secured through many more years of funding for their anti-smoking propaganda. But lo and behold, the native tobacco producers are spoiling all the fun with their fair priced tobacco inundating the market and thus limiting the anti-smoking funding sources (read article here). How sad!

In the meantime, the lies that the anti-tobacco zealots spew through desperation, have become too transparent for any intelligent person to believe or respect, cigarettes are readily available at as little as $6.00 per carton in the native reserves and smirting has become a fun way of enjoying the pleasant company and witty conversation of like-minded modern day rebels. Way to go antis! As for your future funding, we suggest that you suck a little harder on the pharmaceutical teats, because government funding will only continue decreasing as the native cigarettes gain more and more ground in the Canadian market.



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