Global governance, suppression of natural therapies by big pharmaceutical conglomerates, fear mongering, promotion of trash drugs for fabricated diseases. Junk science, epidemiological garbage, data manipulations. People killed by drugs, by doctors, by hospitals. This is what the documentary is all about. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are abusing the freedom of enterprise to promote their interests, while the freedom of therapeutic choice is utterly suppressed. The situation is out of control. The smokescreen is lifestyle controls and virtual epidemics, implemented through the rampant corruption of public health institutions at the global level, such as the World Health Organization.

This is a powerful documentary. It is to be watched over and over again – actually, it is to be studied. Only in that way can the innocent citizen have a better dimension of the rot in public health institutions — including the Food and Drug Administration, soon to be in control of the production, sales and marketing of cigarettes.

From the helpful institution in times past, public health has turned into a deadly instrument of mass control, at the service of powerful multinational corporations, intoxicating people with false information and unnecessary drugs such as smoking cessation drugs. Ironically, public health is now the disease, the enemy to beat. Absurdly, the most apolitical institution ever is now mustering a political power so great that the fiercest dictators in history could only dream of aquiring. Fortunately, a growing number of people begin to understand the criminal plans of this institution. The public health institution is way too sick to be reformed. It must be destroyed and rebuilt, its power limitations clearly spelled out and constantly surveilled.

This documentary supports natural medicine, and it may thus be biased in some aspect. Unfortunately, however, a truly objective documentary is utopian today. The ironic part is that some of the people who have helped in this production may even be antismoking – victims of the parochial mentality that prescribes to be “only against the prohibition (or abuse) that you don’t like”. That mentality tragically fails to realize that preserving the sweet tasting part of a rotten meal will give you food poisoning anyway: the entire dish is to be thrown in the garbage.

The commentary of the last few minutes must be particularly heard, and played back over and over. It spells out what the targets of public health – the smokers, the drinkers, the fat and the “patients” must understand. We have to recapture the fundamental guiding principle for which WE own our health and our bodies, WE are free to harm them (or cure them) as WE – not Big Pharma, not the public health authorities and not even our doctor – see fit. That being "healthy" is not a legal or even moral duty of the citizen, and that no one can annoint himself as a judge of personal behaviour, not even the state.

Nonetheless, our ultimate enemy is not the power of pharmaceutical multinationals, of the state, or that of decayed health institutions. The ultimate enemy is our own complacency, our own inaction. Our inability to temporarily set aside our egos and personal lives to get organized, submit to discipline thereby defeating public health. If not stopped, public health will alter and control our personal lives forever.

The enemy to conquer is the terror of authority, the fear of disobedience, the trepidation about rebellion. The “if only” mentality that shifts potentially constructive action into idle planning and intellectual masturbation.

The enemy within? You bet.



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