In this piece by Michael McFadden published by The Smokers’ Club we can see how well ventilation works to remove cigarette smoke even in the hermetically sealed environment of submarines.

In spite of the title of the piece “Ventilation Even Protects Nonsmokers in Submarines” (there is nothing to “protect” against because any exposure to passive smoking constitutes no danger), the conclusions of the investigation speak clearly: “Using cotinine as a marker, passive smoke exposure appears to be minimum. The location of the designated smoking area aboard U. S. Navy submarines does not appear to have any effect on urinary cotinine levels.” The study itself is available via the "stored link" at the bottom of this page.

Ventilation clearly works – but let it be clear, once again, that the use of cotinine as a marker indicates exposure to passive smoking – but exposure DOES NOT MEAN DANGER. Eating common vegetables, incidentally, will also leave cotinine markers in your system. With patent deception, given the false information by “health authorities” and their propaganda pushed by the mass-media, exposure has become synonymous with danger because the implication is that ETS is dangerous, and that is false. It follows that in submarines – like anywhere else – people can smoke freely and with a perfectly clear conscience.

Regardless, what this study demonstrates is that, even assuming the fantasy that ETS actually constitutes a danger, exposure to it can be effectively eliminated by ventilation. It goes without saying that the mass-media did not give appropriate relevance to this study in order to inculcate the false belief that the only way to avoid ETS “danger” is with prohibition, which they in turn believe will stimulate smokers to quit, thus avoiding the “deaths” that have never been scientifically demonstrated. Deception unending is the rule of the day. We are going to make a new day and we are going to make the bastards pay.



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