It is high time to denormalize “public health.” We have to get serious about it. Let it be known: “public health” is dishonest, and indecent, and it is getting worse each day. This very good article by Claire Fox ("I have a basic human right to look at fag packets") talks about the latest and greatest indecency of Tobacco Control, that now hides what it hates so much; it is banning the display, the very sight, of cigarettes.

That cancer has already contaminated Canada, some of the United States, and it is about to infest England too (additional article stored here.) Hide the cigarette packs. Make a perfectly legal transaction embarrassing and circumspect. Tobacco is not illegal – not yet – but let us pretend that it is, let’s get the people prepared for when it will be. Why? Because smoking kills. Not that we can prove one death, mind you, but our word is good enough. We are the “public health” bastards. We are the “authority.” We have taken the power you have never given us. WE establish what "the children" from ages 1 to 100 can see, and what they cannot see.

As Claire Fox points out, “Apparently, being able to see the rows of cigarette packets that are a familiar sight in every corner shop and garage in the country makes smoking seem like a normal part of life. And that just won’t do.”

Oh, yes, it will: smoking IS a normal part of our life – it is the antismoking bastards who are not a normal part of it. They don’t belong in a free society and thus they don’t belong here. Fox agrees: “The problem for our great leaders is that notwithstanding their best efforts, smoking is a normal part of millions of people’s lives. What a nuisance — 25 per cent of the adult population just won’t conform”, she says. The 25% that is smart, we may add.

Fox continues, “The problem with this outlook [to forbid public display of smoking] is that it flies in the face of the very basis of a free democratic society. It undermines the idea that people are self-determining subjects. Instead we are posited as impressionable, prey to addictions, incapable of resisting advertising, compelled to act by the mere glimpse of a few fag packets.”

There is a reason for that, and it is very simple indeed: antismoking activists are Fascists, they often have no conception of freedom and self-determination, and they see those who don’t agree with them as victims of something or someone else. They are the "enlightened" ones; they are those who know better. Don’t believe us, just ask any operator at a smoking cessation centre near you.

Others understand freedom and self-determination — they just have contempt of it. They also believe that people must be forced to behave as they want with legal coercion, humiliation and demonization, perhaps after a token explanation that the bastards call "education." Those who don’t agree with the "education" are set as examples: "hit one to educate one hundred" was one of the mottos of the old-time Fascists. There was a reason why the head of the Fascists was hung upside down; because, simply stated, Fascists are scum, and Tobacco Control is Fascism; that is becoming clearer every day.

Finally, the Healthist eugenicists think that they are duty bound to perpetuate themselves, so that the aberration becomes the standard: “It is not surprising that one of the 21st-century excuses for ‘diminishing temptation’ is the protection of the young. Whenever excessive regulation is on the horizon, you can guarantee our kids will be wheeled out as a battering ram against adult opposition.”

Indeed, our kids are our only hope, but it is up to us to reach as many of them as possible to show them the ways of freedom, truth – and disobedience. The Fascists are already working on them, the race is on.

Claire Fox comes to pointed conclusions:

“But all is not lost — in England at least. The proposals are only going out for consultation this month, so we can all have our say. Oh sorry. The Secretary of State for Health has already gone on Andrew Marr’s TV couch pre-consultation and declared that he supports the Scottish bans. Presumably anyone consulted who dares express ‘denormalised’ views will be ignored. Let’s bombard him anyway. For those many of us still keen to embrace Mill’s ‘experiments in living’, and to normalise a freedom, it really is time to draw the line here.“

Indeed it is. Let us denormalize Tobacco Control, with whatever it takes, all systems go. You do not argue with Fascists, you eliminate them – and possibly let them rot behind bars for all the frauds and crimes they have committed. It is just a matter of gaining enough power to get at the bastards. It is not as difficul as it looks: there are millions of smokers. When we fight effectively the Fascists will not be able to ignore us any longer. When they are totally humiliated and defeated, we will come to ignore them, after putting them in jail where they belong. It already happened once. It will happen again.

Let’s get busy, folks!



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