…can’t say that we do!

After realizing that, for all intents and purposes, the FDA legislation on the regulation of cigarettes was written by Philip Morris (and therefore that “health authorities” will endorse the very cigarettes they have been lying about for a generation), what do the Forces of anti-tobacco do? They don’t drop the entire bill, as they should. Instead, they forbid the tobacco industry from issuing any statement that their cigarettes are regulated by the FDA – that is, they prevent the industry from telling the truth. Siegel’s comments offer some clues as to why and how.
Furthermore, a regulation-in-hiding of cigarettes by the FDA (while the manufacturers are prevented from saying that they are FDA regulated) may spell the death of any prospects for a safer product. Now the assassins of Public Health can proceed to removing nicotine from cigarettes in the name of "public health", while delivering the monopoly of nicotine sales to Big Pharma, which bought them off long ago. This is what they have had in mind all along, anyway.
Without sufficient nicotine, cigarettes will kill for real because an important curb of a self-dosing control mechanism will be removed. Some smokers will quit in fear — or turn to contraband. Others will go on smoking, and will be killed by a peculiar form of "public health social eugenics". At that point smokes will be made illegal and that – again – will leave the market open for pharmaceutical nicotine delivery devices. Getting rid of non-pharmaceutical devices (now tolerated to get smokers "used" to bans and cigarette substitution while making them feel that they "defy" bans) will be child’s play.
Do you still believe that “public health” must make policies and laws? They can’t make a move unless they lie and destroy – just as they do with their computer "epidemics". Let’s get real — prohibition is the goal here. So light up a cigarette, have a drink and a hamburger. While you can.



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