Health ‘n’ Safety is gonna break us every way they can.
Health ‘n’ Safety is really on the march. Their intention is to make you live as long as possible in as much misery as possible directly under their thumb. Amongst the strategies in the recent news:

The H ‘n’ S state means to track everybody everywhere always. Agencies such as the US Federal Bureau of Investigation consider privacy an anachronism. (original link) (stored link)

On the other hand, the H ‘n’ S state will brook no private monitoring of anything, such as happened when citizens cited both their noses and non-governmental air quality measurements, in disputing that the massive 9/11 debris cloud in New York was “safe.” This contradicted Mayor Bloomberg’s party line that smokers are worse than terrorists because the wisps of smoke from their ciggies have more non-smoking New Yorkers dropping dead in the streets than Al Qaeda could ever manage. How dare anyone question that? Such challenges by mere citizens, says the New York City Council’s Public Safety Committee, shall henceforth be a crime! (original link) (stored link)

Meanwhile, that cheerful bunch at the World Health Organization is preparing a coercive worldwide alcohol prohibition regime, which the antitobacco group Join Together joyfully tells us “could be similar” to the International Tobacco Treaty, also known as the International Smoker Pogrom. It is explained that anti-alcohol must become a priority to protect the h ‘n’ s of “all at-risk populations such as young people and those affected by the harmful drinking of others.” Are you one of those non-smoking booze-hounds who now chuckles because smokers no longer have a square inch anywhere in which to socialize, are denied necessary medical care, and are being driven from their families, jobs, and homes? Uh oh. (original link) (stored link)

Or perhaps you don’t smoke or drink, maybe you’re slim too, and like to complain of the burden all those unhealthy types have placed on health care. Maybe you cheered too, when they were denied care, or when their insurance premiums were hiked to subsidize you. Did you say they deserved to pay through the nose to get nothing in return because they had cost too much all along? Uh oh. (original link) (stored link)

We must be thankful to the H ‘n’ S Reich for “educating” us about the need for “zero exposure” to the awful pathogens and “carcinogens” such as are found in food, air, and water, mustn’t we? Then again, this article reports a “five times less likely” risk of contracting lung cancer (this of the magnitude of the purported increase in lung cancer risk for those who have smoked compared to those who never did) for people who wisely and protectively (pick one):

A.) Go to church on Sunday.
B.) Handle snakes.
C.) Fondle snakes.
D.) Use chlorine bleach.
E.) Eat several small meals daily.
F.) Eat infrequently.
G.) Bathe less often than weekly.
H.) Use antibacterial hand soap daily.
I.) Jog daily.
J.) Wipe thoroughly.
K.) Never wipe.
L.) Smoke dope.
M.) Daydream.
N.) Smell the flowers.
O.) Sniff glue.
P.) Sniff dung.
Q.) Work at an office.
R.) Work at a town dump.
S.) Sleep all day.
T.) Use an air purifier.
U.) Own a pet.
V.) Drink green tea.
W.) Drink red wine.
X.) Drink chlorine bleach.
Y.) Dress their salad with Pepsodent.
Z.) Shut up.

Well, the real lung cancer cure is really in there, and here’s a clue: “Some researchers are starting to wonder whether the higher incidence of certain cancers in affluent populations – including breast cancer, lymphoma and melanoma – might also have something to do with sanitized infection-free living.” We hope you enjoyed today’s H ‘n’ S news review, and the quiz, to which you’ll find the answer at this link: (original) (stored)



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