The revolt against antitobacco is spreading throughout the world. The job of the collaborationist media? Suppress the news or belittle it, as in the case of the article below.

Differently than other stars who despise smoking bans but are afraid to speak out, one of the grand, middle-aged men of Danish pop music, Kim Larsen, is not intimidated by the power and the frauds of antitobacco, and calls "public health" with the name that better describes it, both ideologically and historically: Nazis.

Danish rock star Kim Larsen is using a Nazi slogan to protest the Danish smoking ban, a law that is an offense against science, dignity and freedom.

Acutely observing that the antismoking establishment is equating prohibition of smoking and smoking cessation to liberation and “freedom”, Larsen changed the infamous “work sets you free” used by the Nazis in concentration camps to “health sets you free” – which is exactly what the healthist ideologues preach everywhere.

Guess what: blindness, denial and stupidity abound everywhere, especially amongst the enemies of liberty. The header of the article calls Larsen “pro-smoking”, while his protests is clearly against state interference in personal affairs. Anything that is against smoking prohibition is “pro-smoking”, and nothing in between; which is tantamount to saying that anybody who is against Communism is a Fascist – but that kind of impaired intelligence serves the antismoking fraud quite well.

" ‘It’s stupid, plain stupid,’ Stefan Isaak, president of the Danish Jewish community, told DW-WORLD.DE. ‘I don’t connect it with any kind of anti-Semitism — it’s just plain stupidity.’

Stupid indeed: just look at the images in this page to see who the stupid one really is.

And the article goes to the extent of writing this caption under Larsen’s picture: "Too stupid to be taken seriously?" Under another picture it is written: "Smokers: social pariahs". The epidemiological frauds promoted by the Danish ministry of health must be protected along with the anti-tobacco’s hateful ideology, just as was done when the Nazi’s began to gain influence. Don’t fall for the psychological war of the antismoking ideologues. Larsen’s billboards have nothing to do with antisemitism. They have to do with a perverse ideology that puts health on top of all social values. The common denominator between Nazism and healthism is once again obvious.

The remarks of Arne Rolighed of Denmark’s leading cancer research charity are not even worthy of comment, as the reasons are obvious. Not even one cancer "from smoking" can be proven, so noise must be made for distraction purposes.

Mr. Isaak is very representative of the stupid blindness that is going on today. You see, Isaak does not see the black shirts (they are white instead!) – so the Nazi base ideology is not there. He does not see the swastika (just millions of no smoking signs, omnipresent like the swastika and with the same colours… but not EXACTLY the same, come on!…). He does not see concentration camps and racial discrimination, which in all truth are not there; indeed, the fact that smokers are spat on in many parts of the world is not EXACTLY the same. The fact that they cannot be employed (or are fired) in many places is not EXACTLY the same. The reality that in places such as Ontario, Canada smokers can’t even rent an apartment, or that smokers gettos have been proposed in some cities is not EXACTLY the same as what happened in Germany during the Nazi period. Not at all! Smoking students in some Belgium schools are forced to wear a sign carrying the verbiage “SMOKER” for the purpose of public humiliation; but that is just mere coincidence – and the badge’s verbiage is different, and it has no star!

If it became illegal for Jews to greet each other and express their culture and personality in public places with the word “shalom”, Mr. Isaak would be extremely active and, rightfully, profoundly outraged. However, smokers who cannot greet each other in public places and express their personality and culture by smoking a cigarette together are not in Mr. Isaak’s field of vision, so the problem either does not exist or he does not care. All in all he may be right: unless they give up their culture and way of life (sounds more familiar, now, Mr. Isaak?…), smokers are denied medical care but they are taxed for it and, in case of divorce litigation, their children are assigned to the non-smoking parent while they can’t even adopt a child. However, physical extermination has not been considered yet, so until then let’s just call them stupid and deny any problem. Let it be clear: we have no disrespect for the Holocaust. We have disrespect for the stupidity of wilfully denying the glaring signs of an ideology that, every day more and with the excuse of health, is bringing a situation of social fanaticism and brutality that is becoming indistinguishable from the Nazi one.

The most revealing part is Isaak’s last statement: “The less said about [Larsen’s campaign], the better." Right: let’s sweep it under the carpet, let’s ignore it, it will go away. Well, try it. As more and more smokers realize that, before being orderly lined up and "set free", they must take the antismoking bastards down, you will not be able to ignore it for much longer.



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