Sandy Szwarc catches up with the latest and greatest in “food education”, that is, forcing people to do what “public health” thinks is good for them. What about locking children up to make them eat what “public health” wants?

What about frisking children and confiscating what mothers have prepared for them to eat during the day? Enough already? No, if you think that the health bastards are finished with that, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“The London Times was reporting that schools were monitoring each child’s food intake, using computers, and including dietary assessments on children’s report cards; and mothers were finding the lunches they’d packed for their kids inspected and any offending cookies removed. Kids responded by boycotting the school canteen and turned to food from vendors outside the school wall. Some were joking that the only way to get kids to abide by the government’s rigid new ideas of healthy eating would be to lock them up and force them to eat what government officials say.

It’s happened.”

The health commissars were never asked to do that by popular referendum. There was never any kind of vote at all. They simply appointed themselves to become in loco parentis tutors of children. Substantive education is suffering grievously in deference to Healthist alarmism. In reaction, and at the behest of parents, British private schools are fighting back by boycotting the government’s national curriculum (stored article here). Private school educators explain that one quarter of school time became devoted to Healthist ideology under the government mandates. Kids were falling behind in all the core disciplines while being conditioned to accept Health Nazi ideology based on epidemiological trash science. Bravo to the private schools. Too bad for the majority of British kids who attend public school, and too bad for Britain, which will one day be ruled by them.

Propagandized and poorly educated youth are "just what the doctor ordered" to keep “public health” on a roll. With Healthism as with all debased ideologies ignorance is essential for control. If kids are provided with intellectual tools beyond those needed to be a drone in the “public health” driven society, they may come to realize that “public health” is based on epidemiological fraud, and on a fanatical ideology of social control. Enough kids grown wise enough would grow up to defeat the ideology of Big Health. Entrenched ideology promotes its "education" to the exclusion of real education because it naturally hates and fears critical thought.

Ignorance is vital to the tyrant. With the decay of classic and scientific education, people believe in the propagandized “dangers” of smoking because they are not equipped with the knowledge to realize that those dangers are largely a fraud. Indeed, they believe that “smoking is the leading cause of death” because “the experts” say so, not because they are able to check for themselves. They will simultaneously believe that there are a lot of other “number one” causes of death without even realizing that there can be only one “number one”. Ignorant people make gods of the “experts”; in turn, “experts” go out of their way to tell people what conman extraordinaire Stanton Glantz, for example, tells people — that the message must be “simplified”, otherwise they will not be able to understand it!

Stanton Glantz is the perfect product and predator of an ignorant society. Portraying himself as a scientist he tells people they are ignorant and must believe him, the expert, that smoking kills. He ensures that the worthless bases of his statements, epidemiological trash studies, remain a mystery. Meanwhile, he rests comfortably on the sad reality that, even when the frauds are exposed, his victims will not look them up because they are convinced that they are not qualified to understand.

That is why “public health” uses schools to make ignorant people: ignorant people are infinitely subject to control. This self-perpetuating ideology of ignorance must be stopped short and taken down.



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