New people are joining the fight against Fascism, epidemiologic public health fraud and prohibition. We are glad to present to our readership a new American website: Choose Freedom Iowa. “Small business owners should have the right to operate their business in a way which will grow Iowa’s economy, create jobs and create a profit.

However, the government of Iowa has decided to deny the people of Iowa the right to choose which restaurants or pubs they want to visit, which businesses they choose to visit and to eliminate the ability for some business owners to make a profit. They call it the Iowa Smokefree Air Act.

People should not be forced to go into a business, restaurant or pub they choose not to visit. No one would suggest it. At the same time, the government should not deny people who smoke the right to enter a business that allows smoking.”

Amen! Welcome to the fight, new friends! Let’s smoke one up to freedom and justice!

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