Fornication, smoking joints, shooting up, kids swearing, talking about “dick and pussy,” drunkenness, mad car chases, bloody murder … in the movies, in general, and in particular for the kids, really anything goes — as long as there is no smoking!

Jailed for pharmaceutical corruption, but not for having conned Italians with the passive smoking fraud

Three years of jail for Girolamo Sirchia, the father of the Italian smoking ban, taken as example all over Europe. The prosecutor actually asked for a two and a half years prison terms, but the court decided for three. The charge was pharmaceutical corruption and peculation.
These are the heroes of Tobacco Control. In its criminal world, records like this are no doubt an asset. Sirchia’s “assets” are actually greater than that. Already sentenced to 6 months for other crime, a few more trials may be waiting for him for further corruption that emerged during investigations.

The intellectual retardation and moral derangement of antitobacco knows no limit. Its incoherence befits it for the psychiatric ward. Doctor Michael Siegel reports on a situation that would be laughable if it were not horrifically tragic.

The point about the movies is well made by Doctor Siegel at the link below. It bespeaks of moral inversion to a level of insanity, about which, we shall here digress.

For years FORCES has spoken about the moral inversion championed by public health institutions, where fraudsters command and those who denounce them are persecuted; where a scam such as passive smoking gets reported by the mass-media and the same mass-media thoroughly suppress and badmouth those who want to fight it; where tobacco for which not even one death can be demonstrated is considered far worse than heavy drugs; where marijuana-stoned politicians write antismoking laws.

Under this mad regime, “health authorities” such as the Italian Girolamo Sirchia, recently sentenced to three years in jail for pharmaceutical corruption [stored copy], are considered heroes.

Former Italian Health Minister Sirchia’s three year hitch compounds a previously sentenced six months. The corrupt administrator had blatantly touted the Big Pharma agenda under the influence of payola. In the morally inverted world of Tobacco Control criminal records like this are a good reference — very much as things were in the institutionally rotten Chicago of the Twenties.

Slippery Sirchia is certainly not the first Tobacco Control poobah to have earned a police record or judicial rebuke. Several others have attained similarly stellar distinction — for offences ranging from falsification and misrepresentation of statistical and scientific data in antismoking studies to blackmail, extortion and violence.

This is real and profound madness. It may be the lack of nicotine, perhaps, but most likely it arises out of a pit of collapsed social values. The quality of life is measured in statistical life expectancy, frauds for a self-declared "good cause" become necessary tools to achieve badges of honour and positions of power, and people look the other way when they are conned "for their own good."

Welcome to the non-smoking world that this social scum is creating, and of which the no-smoking sign has become the supreme icon — very much like the swastika was for the original Nazis.



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