The surprises are not over today. Together with the Scientific Portal, FORCES International is proud to present our new Library Portal. This is also part of our mandate to educate the public and to keep alive free information and other cultural treasures that have become seriously endangered by “public health.”


This new section of our website/communication system provides you with a collection of books, DVDs, e-books and on-line books on various topics that are pertinent to the FORCES themes. Part of the Multimedia project (if you want to donate, click here and follow the link), this is also the product of capable and dedicated programmers, who have worked hard to create the tools needed for finding books that are often almost impossible to obtain because buried, suppressed, or out of print. In the last two cases, the books have whenever possible been reproduced such that they can be read on line.

Very much like the Scientific Portal, the Library Portal is not just a static site that will never change. New materials will frequently be added. Again as with the Scientific Portal, here too you can participate by submitting books, reviews, comments, and so on. Just follow the link at the beginning of the front page (click here to go there directly); this too can become YOUR portal.

Enjoy this new section, participate in it and consult it often. This is another example of what we can do with your generous donations, that are turned exclusively to the benefit of the cause with nothing devoted to personal gain.

Much, much more is coming, as we are working at new exciting projects already. FORCES keeps working and it delivers! Have you visited out new Scientific Portal yet?…

Happy reading.



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