FORCES International is proud to present its new Scientific Portal as part of its mandate to educate the public on the Great Scientific Fraud on smoking and other lifestyles.

This new section of our website/communication system is the product of many months of work, and of the generosity of those who have donated – and are donating – to our Multimedia Project (if you want to donate, click here and follow the link). It is also the product of capable and dedicated programmers, who have employed thousands of hours of writing, testing, and modifying abstruse lines of coding to give you to the ultimate consultation tool to defend yourself against the industry of disinformation.

Last but certainly not least, it is the product of uncounted hours of meticulous work by our researchers, scientists, and data entry personnel to bring you that very documentation that the propaganda talks about – and systematically misrepresents, as well as the documentation that "public health" and its mass-media marionettes have thoroughly suppressed. Now, for the first time ever, you have at your fingertips a bounty of such information presented in a way that is easy to navigate, consult, and read. Most of the material carries an explanatory introduction that we have written for the layperson, but the specialist will also be able to assess technical information by using the tools that are put at his disposal.

The Scientific Portal is not a static site. It will continue to change and grow. Indeed it will change almost every day, as new sections and new materials will be added frequently, as shall from time to time be announced at the News Portal.

We wish to stress that this is not just the FORCES scientific portal. It is YOUR portal. You can help it grow and develop. Say, for example, that you have some exciting scientific evidence to submit, or a suggestion about new sections, interactivity, etc. As indicated in the first page of the new portal, just write to, including your suggestions and documentation.

The materials will be passed to our Scientific Committee and, if sound and worthy, it will be published and in that way shared with the world *. In that way the scientific portal will become a bit like a Wikipedia of information but – differently than Wikipedia – hijacking with false information is not possible!

Enjoy our new section, participate in it and consult it often, for it will not be the same from day to day. This project is just an example of what we can do with your generous donations, that are turned exclusively to the benefit of the cause against the false information of “public health,” and not to profit or personal gain. Much, much more is coming – for example, the Library Portal, also available starting today.

Happy reading!

* Antitobacco operatives and their cyberspace henchmen can save themselves the effort of trying to clog this e-mail box, as the IP of any abuser is automatically reported to the antispam authorities as spam, and the only result the abuser obtains is to have his IP blocked.



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