We are glad to publish the letter sent by Mark Wernimont of Clearing the Air to the American Lung Association concerning their umpteenth solicitation for money.


The yearly paycheque of Bernadette A. Toomey, President & Chief Executive Officer of the ALA, is probably in the medium-high 6-digit number, if not considerably more. Furthermore and long time ago, the ALA has prostituted itself to the special interests of the pharmaceutical money, becoming instrumental in the promotion of the institutional fraud that portrays the active/passive smoking-lung cancer link as scientifically established, while clearly it is not.

In spite of all that, the ALA has the face to pull the old “help-the-children” cry out of the hat once again to turn one child into yet another money-making, tax-free enterprise. Mark Wernimont’s reply should be that of anyone with a sane mind. Haven’t we be conned enough for seven generations?

Copy of email sent out by the ALA:

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with lung disease, it changes everyone’s life. A young child struggling with asthma, a Mom facing lung cancer or a Grandpa coping with emphysema presents a family with challenges every single day. They need information and support to help their loved one and themselves.

Give the gift of breath and life this holiday season with your tax-deductible year-end gift to the American Lung Association.

Not only does the American Lung Association lead the way in lung disease research and education, we also provide unbiased information and free support services to individuals across America living with lung disease. Our Asthma Clinical Research Centers conduct clinical trials to gather new and crucial information to help people with asthma to live better and fuller lives.

Cheryl McCorcle’s son was diagnosed with severe persistent asthma earlier this year at the age of 1. With the American Lung Association’s help she was able to ask her son’s doctor valuable questions, fully understand medication options and be active in determining the best treatment for her baby. Along the way she also discovered that her 10 year-old suffers from exercise-induced asthma.

"Because of the American Lung Association, my kids have their life back. I don’t have any idea what our family would have done without this organization," explains Cheryl.

Will you help us give families like Cheryl’s support and hope by making as generous a donation as you can today?

The days following the diagnosis of a serious lung disease can be frightening, confusing and overwhelming. In communities like yours across the US, the American Lung Association provides crucial individual and family support and the most up-to-date, unbiased lung disease information at no cost. We become the trusted partner you need at such a difficult time.

But we cannot do this important work without the support of caring people like you. Please make a tax-deductible donation online today. It is safe, easy and secure.

Thank you for all the ways that you have supported the American Lung Association this year and for the families whose lives you have changed.

May your family find health, peace of mind and joy this holiday season,

Bernadette A. Toomey,
President & Chief Executive Officer

The reply of Mr. Wernimont:

What’s the problem Bernadette…….has the $99 million Nicoderm funding from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dried up since you successfully lobbied for smoking bans on Nicoderm’s (RWJF) rent seeking behalf?

Sorry to inform you, but once the ALA accepted $99 million Johnson & Johnson / RWJF special interest funding to push their Nicoderm marketing agenda you have forever lost credibility with the American public.

Well said once again. We don’t even bother to ask the ALA whether they are ashamed of themselves because that presumes the existence of ethics and morality. And when epidemiological frauds like those on smoking are constantly promoted to the extent the ALA has done for the last ten years, it is clear that ethics and morality are the big missing elements.



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