Here is an article about the sale of tobacco products being forbidden on Capitol Hill grounds – and here is the usual grind about smokers being “smoking mad”.
Trite, old games with words. Trite, old games with emotional reactions. Trite, old comments by the smokers. There is only one essential point that matters – a point, however, that we read nowhere in the piece, and rarely in all published pieces.

What are the smokers prepared to do (other than being “smoking mad” and then obey)?

Here is what it takes:

Disobey the laws.
Boycott the establishments.
Make life miserable for those who enforce the bans.
Return in kind the hatred and contempt bestowed on smokers by antismokers.
Offer passive and active resistance in the performance of jobs, making sure that the reason for the resistance is made known to those against whom the resistance is exercised.
Make it a point to keep smoking as a result of the ban. Let this, and the reason for it, also be known.
Organize in political groups to create the political “fist” required to get respected and restore normality.
Never accept the ban as normality but as social aberration – and, finally:
Consider the fight against antitobacco a political and personal priority.

If the victims are not prepared to do all that, then they can enjoy prohibition and the loss of their dignity, for they lost not only the right to smoke, but also the right to complain.

Obey, conform, be silent – and wait for the next imposition. Are the smokers “fuming” or “smoking mad” today? There is nothing better than going out in the cold and snow to cool off, so enjoy your exile and humiliation, if you are in fact a respectfully obedient animal. Perhaps you should grow wool to keep warm. Sheep have been doing this for a long time.

Do you laugh at the freezing and ridiculous smokers as you pass them by? Do you laugh again when their families reject them, when they are refused medical care, when they get fired? Will you laugh when drinkers, and fatties, or those who wear perfume, also get the official heave-ho? Then you too are an animal fit for slaughter.



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