It is a given that Big Pharma manipulates the state (and particularly public health institutions) as its personal property and marionettes. It is sufficient to look at what they have done with smoking: transform scientific and statistical frauds into cultures.

Personal choice (to smoke, drink or eat) is a disease when it does not fit public health ideology and the marketing agendas of Big Pharma. But we knew that already. What is known a little less is the fact that personal choice becomes “contagious”. In short, there is no difference between the use of personal freedom and the actions of a virus: both are deadly and contagious. Of course, they both require the “attention” of public health authorities, complete with appropriate “therapy” (read: false information), “inducement” (read: propagation of hatred, punishment, taxation and intimidation), and a “cure” (read: the latest and greatest trash “vaccine” from Big Pharma).

That simple procedure is now being applied by the Big Pharma marionettes of public health to obesity, because obesity is “contagious”.

C.A.G.E. Canada has the rest of the story.



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