“Smoking ban a great success”. “Poll indicates that 87% of the population supports the smoking ban”. “Rates of smoking declining already”. “No flexion in liquor sales”. That is followed by interviews of smokers that state that “this is the opportunity to quit I have been looking forward for a long time”. Just give it a few weeks.

Save and print this page and consult it in one month time, perhaps even earlier.
How do we know all this? Experience. Knowledge of the procedure that the mass media lackeys have been told to adopt. Knowledge of the false and biased information circulated by the antismoking trash. ASH and the rest of the antismoking gangs are working hard to pressure and intimidate the remaining British media that still give some voice to dissent – to silence that dissent (or make it look sick and weird), so that the correct voice will be given only to pro-prohibition. In that way it will look like the support for the ban is overwhelming – a word beloved by the antismoking con artists.
All those are tested sound bites, studied and prepared by the “public health” commissars and their minions who are paid off by the pharmaceutical industry, as well as with the silent assent of the bent over tobacco industry.
In one month, “the British have completely accepted the smoking ban”, and “…already no one can conceive how we put up with noxious smoking for all this time”. "Cigarette sales have declined by 4%" and, a little later: "…study shows that XXX (minimum three digits) lives have been saved by the ban". Further "studies" will show "a decrease in hospitalizations for "smoking-related" diseases by both smokers and especially non smokers since the beginning of the ban". That will be achieved through data stratification – a statistical artifice used in Italy, Canada and United States.
The statistical fraud is perpetrated by dividing the hospitalizations in age classes and showing ONLY the age class that, by random chance, showed a hospitalization decrease. The presentation rhetoric fits the class: if it is children, "children have been saved"; if it is the old, "lives have been spared"; if it is working age, it is "dicreased exposure in the workplace", and the preferred subjects of the fraudulent rhetoric are the hospitality industry workers. Normally, in these kind of "studies" the total number of hospitalizations increases, but that information is kept from the public to show that passive smoking is a health hazard, and that its removal creates measurable health benefits. The fraudulent technique is described by Michael Siegel on the Piedmont study.
Remember – always – that "public health" has become a criminal enterprise that does not hesitate to defraud the population with manipulated data as long as it can further the political and marketing agenda of the pharmaceutical multinationals. The health institutions are marionettes whose strings are pulled by a tiny minority of fanatics such as ASH.
Once the ban in is place, one thing happens to each and every country: all mass-media activities are geared to convince the population that the population cheers prohibition and that it accepts the measures. Showing popular consensus is a history-tested technique used by ALL totalitarian governments.
Already the mass-media have suffocated or underplayed the disobedience of the first day of the ban in order to discourage resistance. Don’t fall for that. But it must be kept in mind that, from the day of the ban, one cannot believe any word that he hears or reads by the mass media on the smoking issue, as the agenda is shifted to undermine your psychological resistance and make you accept the fait accompli. Rather, one is to continue to boycott and damage the economy while making the life of nagging non smokers as miserable as they try to make his, now that they feel empowered by the industry of fraud.
You are the injured party; you are the victim of the institutional and media fraud; and non smokers do not have any “right” to be “protected” from a danger that does not exist. In short, you are in the right and they are in the wrong – thus you are justified to fight them with any and all means at your disposal, as anything goes. It is as simple as that.



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