Freedom 2 Choose of England has asked British pub owners what they think of the smoking ban.
The British pub industry has been devastated by the smoking ban. Thousands of pubs have closed since last July and the toll keeps increasing by dozens every week. Poll results are interesting. The landlords (pub operators, also referred to in Britain as publicans) by a margin of ninety-eight to two put the blame squarely on the ban. Although the “hazards of secondhand smoke” touted by prohibitionists are an absolute fraud the propaganda has managed to scare more than half of the publicans, who nevertheless tended to believe risks had been exaggerated, and that alternative solutions such as ventilation had been impudently dismissed by prohibitionist legislators.

Fully 97% of publicans feel that government is contemptuous of their industry (Link 1) (Link 2) while 96% expect still more restrictions. In result, according to the Morning Advertiser, support for the shrinking Labour party is down to a microscopic 3% amongst pub operators, while an imposing 65% of the publicans have by now come to align themselves with the expanding United Kingdom Independence Party, the only party in Britain supporting reversal of the smoking ban. One publican explained: “I would vote for whichever party reassessed the smoking ban.”

The strikingly dramatic change in voting patterns is more than understandable and likely to spread as awareness of the horrific consequences of eugenic technocracy reaches ever more sectors of the populace. Real change will further require more organization, communication within and beyond our movement, massive resistance, defiance, and demonstrations leading to social disruption that cannot be ignored. We are up against the devil himself in this.



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