After you wade thru this "caring doctor’s" recommendation of the killer drug Chantix (blaming the victims, not the drug), of anti-nicotine vaccinations (which destroy pleasure paths in the brain) and government-mandated withdrawal of nicotine from cigarettes; after you wade thru his extolling denormalization and bans (seeing no "evil" removes temptation for former smokers), you get to the last paragraph…

in which he admits, as a former smoker himself, that everyone’s brain functions better with nicotine and he sometimes thinks his own research would have gone better had he continued to smoke!

“I’m an ex-smoker, and I still miss it. I think I might actually have been more productive as a researcher if I’d continued to smoke, because I know it made my brain work better. It’s very, very hard to give up, and I’m very sympathetic.”

So are we for you, Dr. Abrams, so are we. It is terrible what smoking cessation does to the brain.

But here is the trick: we don’t have to give up! Why? Because not even one death in the world can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking – not even one. So, where is the beef? Why do you want us to join the crowd of the dumb and the dumber? Considering that you’d "rather see them on long-term nicotine therapy than go back to smoking", what is your relationship with the pharmaceutical industry?

Can you prove scientifically one death, Dr. Abrams? We guess that you are going to have to light one up in a hurry to dodge this question!

Naah… just ignore it like the rest of the “health authorities” do – and keep on preaching. And, by the way, you can shove your mellow-yellow "understanding" of smokers where the sun does not shine. We’d like to light one up to that; for sure.



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