Dr. Michael Siegel continues his relentless challenge of the antismoking gangs’ scams, and he is getting more media attention. These two pieces confirm that.

One group has even been brought to admit public deception (click here for stored article) – and certainly not because of a vigorous conscience, we may add. Let’s not forget that, in the moral ambiguity of “public health”, fraud and deception, disinformation and instigation of public hatred are legitimate and necessary means to use in its mission to modify the culture into the model of health dictated by the epidemiological trash science (and trash ideology) upon which “public health” is based today.

Siegel knows damn well the methods of Tobacco Control because he was part of it, although – to his great credit – he is not part of it anymore, as the antismoking mafia cast him out: God forbid that even an once of integrity pollutes the pure corruption and perversion that makes Tobacco Control!

Perseverance, hammering messages, relentlessness (to the point of harassment), scientific tones and authoritarian approaches are all ingredients of the super-financed "public health" scam movement. Nonetheless, even without heavy financing, Siegel demonstrates that media attention can be obtained.

That is EXACTLY what the Tobacco Control mafia does not want: that the media show that there is a different side to its propaganda. The antismoking mafia has worked long and hard – and invested billions of public and pharmaceutical dollars – to have an absolute grip on the media, and to make sure that they act as a tight filter against the emersion of dissent. NO dissent can be published unless the dissenter is used as token opposition and is portrayed as a weirdo, hard to do with someone as qualified as Siegel. The penalty of dissent is political isolation by that media, and withdrawal of pharmaceutical support. The message is to be hammered and relentless, always the same everywhere, and easy to understand, even for the uninformed masses: tobacco kills in any form, anywhere, anyhow; the tobacco industry is absolute evil; hatred against the smokers and smoking is the only legitimate feeling to have. Super-elementary concepts that are absolute, easy to remember and to parrot is the name of the game.

For that corrupt edifice people like Siegel are a fly in the ointment: they manage to pierce through the media firewall that was so expensively built against the truth, with the risk that too many people get to know how truly and fundamentally rotten Tobacco Control is. His challenges concerning professional integrity (stored article here) are a real pain in the neck.

That is “not fair”, and simply not acceptable. But, for a change, it seems that there is little Tobacco Control can do about it – for now.

Our only suggestion to Dr. Siegel – as exaggerated as it may sound – is based on a deep knowledge about our enemies: he should double his life insurance!



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