"It’s going to be great. There are going to be media alerts: Glenn Beck announces Obama is the antichrist. You watch. It’s going to be everywhere. (Laughing.)"
Media personality Glenn Beck’s prediction regarding his patently humorous statement came perfectly true as shown in this article from Glenn Beck’s own website. Here, as so often, politically correct media ignored the truth, in idiotically bypassing the context of the comment, which ridiculed rather than endorsed the idea of an antichrist in American politics. Truth is an inconvenient stumbling block to the higher message of the media, in this case, that conservative commentator Beck is a mad villain. The attitude of the politically correct elite is: "What we say, is." The public is expected to swallow this, but increasingly, they are not swallowing it any more. Beck saw this one coming and boy was he right. Enjoy the laugh, but remember, what a true madness and villainy political correctness has become. It’s very disgusting to live under an omnipresent ideology after one has known decent and free society. It’s past time to remove the ideologues from all our institutions. Do your part.



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