We have received this letter from a reader in Canada. We believe that this letter is significant in understanding the futility of certain actions against antitobacco, and the need to concentrate on what works instead.

Of course we will be accused of being “extreme” – an accusation that has been going on since FORCES began, simply because the victims of “public health” and antismoking groups have never understood the extremism of “public health’s” social engineering programs. In one sentence, they will go all the way.
Either you have to be prepared to do the same, match the stakes and call their bluff (but they are NOT bluffing!) or obey, be silent and waste no more time fighting them.
Please read the letter we received below, and our answer under it.

Hi everyone,

Sherway Gardens shopping complex in Mississauga announced today that as of July 7, 2007 it will ban smoking anywhere on the property including in parking lots in cars. This decision is not only unreasonable and an abuse of rights, but it could also set a precedent for other malls across Canada to follow.
I hope you will all take this opportunity to write or call in to the mall’s management and let them know how you feel about your rights being trampled on in this way. Pass this story along to your friends and encourage them to contact Sherway Garden’s management as well.
Below is the press release issued today by mall management.

— (Name withheld)

Breathe Green at Sherway Gardens

ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – June 25, 2007) –
Attention Business Editors, Environment and Lifestyle
Leading the way with socially conscious initiatives, Sherway Gardens (Hwy 427 & the QEW) will be the first shopping centre in Ontario to create a property-wide smoke-free environment with the launch of the Breathe Green initiative on July 7, 2007. Breathe Green will prohibit smoking on any part of Sherway Gardens’ property.
"Sherway Gardens is responding to demands from our shoppers and tenants to eliminate cigarette smoke polluting the entrances/exits and cigarette butts littering the property," states Scott Kyle, General Manager, Sherway Gardens. "Breathe Green addresses these concerns and demonstrates Sherway’s commitment to protecting and promoting the health, safety and well-being of our employees and shoppers."
Breathe Green creates an improved environment for both shoppers and tenants by promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle that eliminates exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS) while on Sherway property.
Leading up to July 7th, specialists from the City of Toronto Public Health Department will be working with Sherway to educate and offer cessation programs to any employees and shoppers wishing to reduce or quit smoking.
Over the past year, both Trillium Hospital and Credit Valley Hospital have mandated ‘smoke-free’ properties, and eliminated all designated smoking areas. This proactive initiative is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and clean environment. Other outdoor places such as golf courses and entertainment parks have also banned smoking on the premises to enhance the experience for both patrons and employees.
Sherway Gardens has always supported charitable organizations raising funds for health related research, specifically cancer, heart disease and other illnesses caused by SHS. Breathe Green allows us to be proactive by reducing our shoppers and tenants’ exposure to SHS while on the property.
Sherway Gardens is owned and managed by Cadillac Fairview, one of North America’s largest investors, owners and managers of commercial real estate. With a portfolio valued at over $15 billion, the company and its affiliates own and manage over 83 properties, including some of Canada’s landmark developments. Cadillac Fairview is wholly-owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. For more information about Cadillac Fairview, visit www.cadillacfairview.com.

For more information, please contact:
Scott Kyle
Sherway Gardens, General Manager
(416) 621-1071 ext 7010
Elena Price
Sherway Gardens, Senior Marketing Director
(416) 621-1071 ext. 7020
Website: www.sherwaygardens.ca
The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd.
Heath Applebaum
Manager, Corporate Communications
(416) 598-8645


Dear friend,
Of course we share all your feelings. But, in this day and age, expecting that petitions and complaints to malls, politicians and "authorities" are going to make any difference is naive to say the least. Of course those people know that what they are doing is irrational, and that it is unfair for smokers. Of course they know that they are trampling on the rights of people. They just don’t give a damn about that. Smokers are considered expendable citizens for as long as they smoke. Actually, they take petitions and complaints, and use them as toilet paper with gusto, enjoying the power they have over the writers, who provide them with an exact feedback of how much command they really have over the life of their subjects. So, they don’t really “understand” the reasons for your complaint: it’s for your good, isn’t it?…
This is what they actually understand, instead:

Vicious lawsuits based on the epidemiological fraud about smoking, breach of constitutional freedom of assembly, and property rights — in that order.
Massive and visible economic damage that cannot be hidden by falsified statistics spread through their mass-media friends. Actions such as category strikes, white strikes, heavy boycott of hospitality industry, (organized) tax payment withholdings, and so on. Fantasy is the only limit for that kind of action.
Massive demonstrations in the streets – not three cats on a fence, but thousands of people getting uglier by the minute – and complete with police feedback over the social tension building up. Three cats on the fence with a couple of signs, out there in the streets and in the cold, just make those bent people experience multiple emotional orgasms for the enjoyment of “straightening up” those who they really hate; and political trash cannot be dignified with a civilized protest.

So, it takes plain, simple, STRONG communication. Actions that have immediate and tangible CONSEQUENCES. That kind of stuff they will understand — simply because they could not ignore it. On the other hand, you can’t explain Milton to a dog no matter how hard you try, can you? To communicate with the animal, you have to issue clear and dry commands that its intelligence can process.
If you can’t muster that, don’t bother for the short run. Instead, organize to make that possible — and educate people about the antismoking fraud and about the pandemic of corruption that is plaguing "public health". Fighting institutionalized corruption and fascist ideology is no job for lone wolves, either. A planetary fraud is to be destroyed with planetary coordination.
Again: the final goal of the antismoking bandits is for you to have a legal product that is illegal to use – anywhere, anytime. The mall you are talking about is just another small step in the grand, criminal plan -. but in itself is irrelevant.
Any other consideration becomes IRRELEVANT. Act, react and plan accordingly.
— FORCES International



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