So powerful has the health lobby become that all those running for President of the United States, from both parties, feel themselves obliged to genuflect before the altar of hygiene and safety.

None, however, have prostituted themselves as much as John Edwards, the ambulance-chacing, multi-millionaire trial lawyer who channels dead children in his court room revival meetings. Universal health care is not enough for this Democrat. No indeed. For Edwards, universal care requires the participation of both the giver and the taker of medical care, even when the "taker" doesn’t ask for any. Under his plan all must make regular trips to the doctor. Not sick? Irrelevant. Everyone has some "bad" habit or doesn’t practice some "healthful" activity that the elite deem crucial to well-being. No one, absolutely no one is perfect and as such, all are compelled to visit the doctor, receive the word and go forth and sin no more. Gian Turci examines such a scheme and classifies it for what it is.



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