Hyper-passive smoke bad for children. It’s incredible what you can do with a criminal mind and a questionnaire. We “all” know that “smoking is bad for you”. So is second hand… and third hand too!

“Children whose mothers were exposed to second-hand smoke while they were pregnant have more symptoms of serious psychological problems compared to the offspring of women who had no prenatal exposure to smoke, according to a new University of Washington study.”
Yes! Passive smoke is so deadly that mustard gas is therapeutic in comparison. Not only does passive smoke “kill” children, but it also “hurts” the children of the children! There is no need to make fun of this squalid piece of epidemiological trash, as it is self-degrading enough. Aside from the opportunistic and unethical money-grabbing of these “scientists”, what we highlight here is how hatred against something or someone takes the form of “science”. The purpose of trash like this is not just to scare the smoker into quitting by using scientific fraud (and that is bad enough!), but also instigating unlimited hatred against the smoker and the fear in the non smoker: mere exposure to a harmless substance not only damages the person exposed, but even the offspring. “If you choose to be exposed, you don’t have the right to expose your innocent child” is the implicit but clear message. So, equally clearly, you have to force the smoker to put his cigarette out even if you personally don’t mind – unless you want the responsibility of creating psycho-problems for your child! And avoiding responsibility is what society is all about, today, isn’t it?…
There is enough to begin to believe that non smokers like Goebbles have much to learn from the antismoking mind. One more reason to disinfect public institutions.

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