As we know, junk science epidemiology was the excuse needed to justify hatred against the Jews in Nazi Germany. Once hatred was ignited, it went on by itself, and junk science became irrelevant. By the same token, now that hatred has been ignited against the smoker, the junk science becomes secondary: “the debate is over” – that is, hatred takes over.

Different than the time-honoured monofactorial epidemiology that defeated real disease such as small pox, junk science epidemiology has always been at the centre of bad things. It is not a historical coincidence that over 50% of the doctors were volunteer members of the Nazi Party in Germany: a great many doctors believe that they have power over your life.
On a lighter note, there are times when doctors become poets. A well-known epidemiologist has sent us an "epidemiological" short poem. Seriously. The researcher has taken the most commonly used worlds in epidemiological “studies” and turned them into poetry.
Don’t look for a meaning, as you will find none. Rather, think about a passive smoke study, or just remember the latest antismoking/anti-fat speech of your “health” ministry.

When sometimes meanwhile,
Although perhaps again,
Least seldom thus so rather,
But nary through in vain.

Never indeed if even,
With always yet besides,
Halas, almost because
Often enough astrides.

Why, also the together
Under above perchance,
Still therefore however,
Nevertheless askance.



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