This exceptionally good piece by Israeli writer Carlo Strenger tells us how “rational discussion of the [smoking] issue has become impossible”. We could not agree more: “the debate is over” and it is time for action – hard action.

Carlo Strenger is a professor at Tel Aviv University’s department of psychology, and a member of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Terrorism of the World Federation of Scientists. He knows what he is talking about in terms of thought and in terms of politics. He knows that when the instigation of mass-hysteria grows beyond a certain critical mass, discussions are futile and only destructive action, unfortunately, becomes the way to remedy the situation. The alternative is total subjugation without an end in sight – and not just about the smoking issue.

“When open discussion is avoided, life under a totalitarian thought-police is not far off.”

Professor Strenger – who does not appear to be a specialist on the topic of smoking – does make a typical error in noting that, “The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an affiliate of the World Health Organization (WHO), conducted a seven-year study that did not show that secondary smoking has any impact on health – but the study’s publication was suppressed, because it would have shaken the thoughtless consensus by which we all ‘know’ that secondary smoking kills.”

This is of course factually correct. This study was suppressed and it is also true that the fraudulent belief that “secondary smoking kills” is pushed incessantly by prohibitionist “public health” institutions. The professor’s evident error is that he overlooks the true magnitude of the fraud: NO STUDY – regardless of its results – has demonstrated any danger from secondary smoking because any and all such “studies” are scientific trash that have proven absolutely nothing.

That places your national and local “health authorities," together with IARC and WHO, in the position of incompetent institutions that can neither be believed nor respected. Indeed these "authorities" have become criminal social engineers in the Nazi mold.

The issue is therefore reduced to something purely political: will smokers and other victims of “public health” be able to organize politically and otherwise to destroy the mechanism of “public health," so that they can be free to lead their lives as they choose – or will they succumb to subjugation?

Today that is the only question that matters.



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