Do you want to know why the World Health Organization knowingly cons the population and all the governments of the Earth on the so-called “dangers” of smoking? Just look at the picture below, and it will give you all the answers you need. The horrifying thing is that this concerted fraud is perpetrated with public money. The infuriating thing is that those criminals rule instead of being in jail. The humiliating thing is that we must be punished without being guilty.

The remedy is to unite all our forces round the world to put an end to this, to punish those who are responsible, and to make it illegal for public health institutions to be lobbied by the pharmaceutical giants.

If we think that it is reasonable and fair to allow publicly-funded institutions to be lobbied, influenced and largely controlled by exquisitely private entities such as Big Pharma, then it is also fair that they are lobbied and controlled by Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Food, and any other "Big" that we find in the book, since thinking that, for some magic reason, Big Pharma is "better" or "more moral" that any other (including Big Tobacco) is both revoltingly dishonest and childishly naive.

Of course it would be far better that any and all publicly-funded institutions were forbidden to undertake any sponsorship or "joint venture" with private industries for the protection of public interest, truth and public money. But let’s not forget the reason why these "joint ventures" between private industry and state, para-state and public institutions (where private industry is allowed to use public resources in exchange for collaboration with the state) takes place: that is one of the principles of Fascism.

(Picture from Les Dissidents de Genève)



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