In advocating indirect censorship, this trash by the National Cancer Institute highlights not only the malignity of antitobacco, but also its incoherent stupidity. The title says it all: “Study says tobacco marketing promotes youth smoking: a new study says that tobacco marketing and depictions of smoking in movies promote youth smoking.”

"’There is now incontrovertible evidence that marketing of tobacco, and the depiction of smoking in the movies, promote youth smoking and can cause young people to begin smoking,’ said University of Minnesota professor Barbara Loken and one of the report’s five scientific editors."

Oh, my God, what a terrible, terrible thing that is!! Promoting smoking to the youth!!! Imagine, all those innocent kids that will DIE of all the diseases that the NCI and the all other antitobacco gangs can’t demonstrate to be caused by smoking! It’s going to be a virtual hecatomb — and it is now scientifically clear that the kids who don’t pick up smoking will never get sick and die! Those people speak so much of their statistical BS, they end up believing it themselves; they are so terminally schizophrenic, they don’t even stop to think that the computer numbers on their silly software do not mean bodies you bury, but electrons you waste.

But, in reality, the message is moral, you see?… Smoking is immoral, and movies show immoral behaviour, say those immoral crooks.

Now, please understand: killing, decapitation, sodomy, violence, fraud, swearing, robberies, torture and sadism are just fine – the kids are entitled to see that in a free nation – but SMOKING… now, that’s really, really bad, and it should be forbidden… and here is another trash ideology “study” to prove it!

It is doubtful that the authors of this lunatic "study" are unaware that the cigarette manufacturers voluntarily withdrew years ago from the product placement system that operates in Hollywood. This means that Philip Morris does not pay the producers of a movie to provide the actors with Marlboro’s when on screen. Anti-smoking hucksters, including charlatan extraordinaire Stanton Glantz have been unable to find any evidence that the tobacco industry is violating its self-imposed exile from cinematic product placement. When facts don’t exit, however, innuendo fills the void.

Note in the above quotation Professor Loken doesn’t say that it is the tobacco industry that is responsible for the "marketing of tobacco." Some other entity is doing the marketing, but who? She cannot say since there is no entity doing so. In her mad world the fact that many people do smoke so any movie about real people must be inhabited with smokers must be diffused by positing a shadowy, evil presence that is pulling the strings of the film makers. The devil is amongst us because there are witches who invoke him. There are witches, there are! Talk about delusional paranoia.

But here comes the incoherence that truly borders on mental retardation (perhaps because of the lack of nicotine intake… smoke, young people of the world… unless you want to become like them!): the tobacco industry is a legal industry that makes a legal product that makes the state rich. A legal industry making a legal product has the legal right to promote it, by every rule in the book.

Forbidding tobacco advertisement in any way, shape or form is a crime against the right of free speech and information – the very same right that “public health” uses to bestow its scientific frauds and ideology on the population. If there is something that should be forbidden, that is antitobacco advertisement, because not even free speech protection actually protects the dissemination of scientific frauds and false information, and antismoking operatives have a very long list of such false information they are accountable for – a list that, collectively, should earn them several million years of jail. But many Tobacco Control operatives actually expect that either the tobacco industry does not promote itself (and thus smoking), or even that the industry actually instigates people against smoking, in both cases setting its own extinction. That is to fit Tobacco Control’s sick ideology justified with TC’s fraudulent epidemiology.

If tobacco is not to be promoted or portrayed in the arts, then the substance and the industry must be made illegal, there are no two ways about that – and it should become also illegal to portray junkies and drinkers. The arts should be allowed to portray only a perfect humanity – perfect according to the sick standards of political and moral retardation, that is. Of course delegalization of tobacco will not occur, because social parasites such as Barbara Loken, the NCI and the rest of the Tobacco Control bandwagon are the first ones to oppose it. Without the tobacco money, in fact, the parasites would not be able to produce ideological trash like this, as they would have no means to exist – and to laugh all the way to the bank, right in the face of the fools who believe them.

Wouldn’t a antitobacco-free world be a liberation?… Happy smoking!



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