You end up living, as we do today, under Fascist law. Jacob Sullum of Reason magazine comments at link below on recent research which debunks the junk science, parlayed by Stanton Glantz and his ilk, that has purported drops in general heart attack rates attributable to workplace smoking bans. The junk science, to any discerning reader, always debunked itself.

Count on the Antis to keep telling the same old lies though. As Sullum says, the latest debunking “should (but probably won’t) put a stop to claims that such laws lead to immediate, dramatic reductions in heart attacks.”

The claims were always patently ridiculous. The laws were always Fascistic. They keep coming. For empowered fanatics, and the societies that sanction them, falsity rules. It will only stop ruling you when you make it stop.



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