We are often accused of “extremism” and of using tones that are too strong. We are told that such attitude may “turn off” people. Maybe that is true. But when you hear cases like this, what else is to be felt if you have a moral sense?

Mike Kennedy, whose incredible story should teach us all to take positive action against the invasion of private property by the state with the excuse of "health" and junk science.


Canada has long being rolling down the slope of a totalitarian state, infested with healthist ideology. In the name of health, Canada is systematically erasing its constitutional heritage and respect for the individual citizen. In Canada any abrogation of rights now seems to be legitimate if perpetrated in the name of public health — and, especially, when it is perpetrated against smoking and smokers. Everywhere in the world, public health has become a safe conduit for all those who have contempt for liberty and self-determination, and for constitutional and human rights that do not square with their beliefs, fanaticism and moral perversions. Those enemies of freedom have infiltrated the very fabric of the state like a virus infects the body. They have done that with the serum of epidemiological fraud, false information and lots and lots of hatred.

In Canada that infection is terminal. Canada has always been paternalistic and enamoured with state authority, which is expected to override and squash the non-compliant with punishment and contempt. Differently than its neighbour the United States, the transition from colonial state to self-administering nation did not go through a revolution – and that shows clearly in the matrix of a society that is only superficially free but, in reality, it is ready to repress any dissent concerning state-imposed personal behaviour through fear, paternalism and arrogance. Those who are not meek (and compliant) are severely punished and looked at with extreme contempt. Insecurity leads to oppression. These days that is particularly visible if we look at the tin can dictators of the health institutions, who have inverted their moral poles and think that they are gods. All you have to do to believe that is listen to this Round Table.

FORCES International is proud to present its readers with an incredible story, that of Mike Kennedy, who dared upholding his property rights and create private clubs for smokers. In Canada there are private gun clubs, sex clubs, and many other clubs sometimes of controversial nature. But since it is becoming clear that private property is dead in that nation (except for private homes, which are increasingly under siege), all those clubs are arbitrarily subject to the whims and ideology of the tin can dictators of public health. That institution has become the most revolting that ever existed, turned to the “denormalization” and the social disintegration of those targets who do not behave or believe its ideology. Smokers, or course, are prime targets – for now; others are following.

Here we go again with the “extreme” talk… However, judge for yourself who the extremists really are. Next, think on how to stop them.

Set aside logic, reason, fairness, justice, and civil, peaceful coexistence; the tin can dictators do not believe in that stuff. They are not interested in your respect. Only in your obedience.

Click on the link below to hear the Round Table.



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