Devy Kidd asks the question and gives us an answer.

Last week a friend of mine stated to me that "there aren’t any men left" and she wondered why. I decided to research the question, as I have been wondering the same thing lately. In my daily journeys I see lots of men who, in better times, would have been sitting around a coffee shop or bar or restaurant – eating, drinking and smoking. Now, I see them not-smoking. Somebody told them they couldn’t smoke and without a whimper, they said "yes master" and complied. I like to ask difficult questions of people and one day I asked a group of these pussy-foots "where’s the smoking section, please?" They glared at me – all 5 of them – and informed me self righteously that there was NO smoking section in this coffee shop. Big guys – with tatoos. And bluejeans. And beards.

I used to like men. Nowadays, however, it’s impossible to find one!

Perhaps the form of dressing in our country should be "skirts only". We could use the international "no smoking" sign to indicate that this a "no pants" zone.



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