There is a new word for liberty. You can look it up.

Some smokers humiliate themselves, patronizing smoke-free bars, shivering on sidewalks when they want a smoke. They are the hopeless ones we’re glad we do not know personally. Dignified smokers have learned the greater warmth and lesser expense of house parties. If they want to go out, they know where to go, and have known for a long time. Anti-smokers cannot imagine smokers as anything but hopeless, and helpless, so we were surprised when we checked to find that the heavily censored and regimentally politically correct Wikipedia now admits to the existence of smokeasies. It even admits to their ubiquity. "Smokeasy" was an inevitable neologism which, we are also told, made itself "official" via the New Oxford American Dictionary two years ago. "Liberty" is a much-abused word these days. It needs support so we herewith bid official welcome to its new synonym. The password, of course, is forever secret.



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