The fact that "public health" has its priorities skewed is as given as its thirst for power and control. Its real and ONLY mandate — control and possibly eliminate contagious disease – is now secondary to playing God with the lifestyle of citizens. This article by Reason Magazine is our recommended reading for this week.

‘…But at least in dealing with potentially deadly microorganisms that move from person to person, the rationale for government action is to prevent people from harming each other. By contrast, much of what passes for "public health" today is aimed at preventing people from harming themselves” – when they actually do that and when “public health” does not make up those risks with junk science and false information, we should add. “Activists and politicians use the language of public health to legitimize government efforts to discourage a wide range of risky habits, including smoking, drinking, overeating, underexercising, gambling, driving a car without a seat belt, and riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Unlike typhoid fever and tuberculosis, the risks associated with these activities are not imposed on people; they are voluntarily assumed.’

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