If one examines the World Health Organization’s report on "global solution to health inequities ordered around ‘the structured determinants and conditions of daily life,’ " one may want to look for the key items in the various Party Platforms throughout the world to gain a better understanding of where the politicians currently in power intend to take us.
The general recommendations for taking over our lives are outlined in the Commissions Final Report, which was released on August 28th.

And what does the UN and the WHO intend?

"With respect both to ensuring the provision of goods and
services vital to health and well-being – for example, water,
health care, and decent working conditions – and controlling
the circulation of health-damaging commodities (for example,
tobacco and alcohol), public sector leadership needs to be
robust. Conditions of labour and working conditions are – in
many countries, rich and poor – all too often inequitable,
exploitative, unhealthy, and dangerous. The vital importance of
good labour and work to a healthy population and a healthy
economy demands public sector leadership in ensuring
progressive fulfilment of global labour standards while also
ensuring support to the growth of micro-level enterprises.
Global governance mechanisms – such as the Framework
Convention on Tobacco Control – are required with increasing
urgency as market integration expands and accelerates
circulation of and access to health-damaging commodities.
Processed foods and alcohol are two prime candidates for
stronger global, regional, and national regulatory controls."

The report will be considered by all WHO Member States, who will decide the future of the social determinants of health agenda. For those in the United States, remember the 1998 Executive Order 13107. For the full text click here. Understand that under this Clinton era executive order ratification by neither the congress nor the states was required. Because no rational human being can possibly be opposed to "health," even as defined by the WHO, rights and laws in this country can be torn asunder if the country signs on to the WHO’s plan to fix the "health crisis."

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