Bureau of Prisons says "It won’t change"!

Recently, this author purchased and sent to the Bureau of Prisons Medical Center, a book entitled "Surviving Schizophrenia", 2006, 6th Edition, written by Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, M.D., who is a clinical and research psychiatrist SPECIALIZING in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

My purpose in sending this book was to point out to the experts in this facility that " between 80 and 90 percent of individuals with schizophrenia smoke cigarettes," and that "smoking transiently improved specific brain functions that are known to be impaired in this disease" and that "rapid cessation of smoking leads to an exacerbation of schizophrenic symptoms", (Page 277).

Recent bans against smoking in correctional facilities and medical institutions are an abuse of power, as these facilities could designate a place for those afflicted with the illness mentioned above, to smoke. It is obvious from Dr. Torrey’s book that smoking is an integral way of life for schizophrenics and withdrawal is exceedingly harmful to them. It is also obvious that medical information is chosen (or cherry-picked) only to suit the harmful anti-tobacco movement, who can now sell their nicotine patches to every jail in the country.

I was rewarded, for my effort, by a telephone call from a doctor at this institution, thanking me for my book. I pointed out my reasons for sending it quoting the above phrases from the book, and was told "it won’t change". When I asked WHY, I was told – you guessed it! "It won’t change"!



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