We link to a document from the Southeast Asian arm of the World Health Organization noting strategies of 2003; the policies discussed reflect general WHO philosophy which continues to be instigated in Asia and world-wide.

The World Health Organization could do good if it focussed as it should on real epidemics such as malaria and on effective public health measures such as insuring clean water. Instead it has become a font of modern eugenics philosophy, spreading superstition, bent on behavior control, and on vilification of heretics who believe in human dignity. As part of its generally debased philosophy, its fanatical Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, often dissected on these pages, has worldwide reach.

Various aspects of WHO policy are discussed in the document linked with here. An example regarding lifestyle: "A few countries have tried to add extra resources for health through earmarking a certain proportion of revenue collected from indirect taxation for health promotion and disease prevention. Some countries run state lottery services or other special revenue collection schemes, and earmark a certain proportion of collected funds for social services including health and education. Thailand recently enacted legislation for a "Health Fund", which has specified a certain percentage of general revenue generated from taxes received from the sale proceeds of tobacco and alcohol being set aside for health promotion activities. With the adoption of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), an increasing number of countries are expected to use part of the revenue collected via a similar ‘sin tax.’ "

Readers may find many aspects of this document interesting. Very unfortunately, the World Health Organization has become a great enemy to any true concept of health, so reading its releases amounts to keeping tabs on what the enemy has been up to, and the situation grows worse all the time.



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