Mainstream media CNBC offers us this article, in which they expose the liars that force smoking bans on people who don’t want them and who suffer immense losses because of them. "Why is it legal for a non-profit foundation to directly profit from stock that is driven by the sales of products coerced by a law that their grants create? Where are those, such as state attorneys general, who are supposed to protect consumers’ interests? Why should a pharmaceutical company and their private foundation be profiting while Ohio’s businesses fold? We believe these questions raise important issues that must be addressed by Ohio legislators," said Pam Parker with Opponents of Ohio Bans."

Pam Parker asks significant questions in this article which appeared on CNBC. Pam is calling for Ohio legislators to step up to the plate and rid Ohio of it’s draconian smoking ban. Businesses are suffering, as are charities, and all to line the pockets of the few Pharma executives. This Ohio ban is unnecessary, is based on untruths, and is most definitely Un-American!

We would also like to address our readers to this letter, sent to and published by Athens News (stored copy), written by the same author.



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