The largest marketing manoeuvre in history: Big Pharma knows – and so does Big Crime.

The WHO’s Tobacco Framework Convention is not to “control” tobacco. It is to forbid it. That is becoming clearer by the day. To have confirmation, one has to look at US Senator Enzi’s recent proposal for the “regulation” of cigarettes and for the takeover of the nicotine market by the pharmaceutical industry.

Let us put all the bits together – and the international plan becomes as clear as crystal.

The United States is where the “real” action happens. If the USA accepts a proposal such as that of Enzi, “public health” will be given the power to remove nicotine from cigarettes.
As soon as the power is given, nicotine will be immediately removed from cigarettes on the bases of its fraudulent “addictive powers”, and in spite of the fact that millions have quit smoking without any nicotine delivery device.
When nicotine is removed from cigarettes, the cigarettes will become a truly deadly product because there will be no "stopping effect" on inhalation. The "stopping effect" is due almost exclusively to nicotine and the role it plays in regulating self-dosing.
At that point, a massive campaign by the pharmaceutical partners of “public health” will be undertaken to promote nicotine delivery devices to an unprecedented degree.
Based on the fraudulent concept that a cigarette “cannot be made safe” and that cigarettes are an “inherently defective product” – coupled with the WHO’s fraudulent statistics on “tobacco-related” mortality — the idea of a "deadly legal product" will become unbearable.
In the meantime, convinced that they are "addicted", smokers are (already) “trained” to substitute cigarettes with nicotine inhalers, gums and other junk devices to satisfy their “addiction” because of smoking bans that are in turn based on passive smoking junk science and on false institutional representation of that junk science.
Unfortunately, around the world many smokers rights groups naively promote the use of non-pharmaceutical nicotine delivery devices to “defy” or to “go around” the smoking bans. What these groups are actually doing (consciously or not), is promoting the cultural acceptance of substitutive devices to give in to the social pressure to quit smoking – thus contradicting any ideological foundation underlying their defence of the right to smoke – and helping to prepare the grounds for cigarette prohibition.
Statistics on junk science-based “smoking-related” mortality will be beefed up with new hypothetical computer models and "studies" to add hysteria and drama to the prohibition crusade through “public health” talking heads. In the meantime, smokers will get ever-more used to nicotine delivery devices, more of them believing and accepting the notion that “smoking kills the smoker and the non smoker”, and finding psychological relief (and the illusion that their dignity is preserved) with the use of the aforementioned devices. In reality, they will be (again, they are already) trained to quit smoking and to become nicotine consumers exclusively.
But – like every social engineering program – the “public health” plan will not be entirely successful. That failure will be used as an excuse to make it inevitable that the “killer” (nicotine-free cigarettes) must be made illegal. That will become acceptable because the faith in prohibition (prohibition = health) will be firmly established in both the political upper echelon and in the opinion of a gullible public. The first nations to make cigarettes illegal will be Canada and the adjacent United States. Shortly after, Australia will follow. Even the example of Bhutan will be dusted off.
Here is where the WHOs’ Tobacco Framework Convention kicks in at a planetary level. While tobacco plantations are replaced with subsidized alternative crops (at public expense), there will be immediate calls to use the structure of the TFC to support the “heroic” decision of those first countries to forbid cigarettes. Calls for "global action" on prohibition will go out to prevent an environment like the Al Capone situation of the 20s, where alcohol was imported into the US from Canada. The antis will ask for uniformity on a planetary scale to stop smuggling into the prohibition zones. The criminals of the World Health Organization WILL demand that ALL countries make cigarettes illegal, replacing cigarettes with the nicotine delivery devices produced by the pharmaceutical partners of the WHO itself. Programs for public subsidy or even free mass distribution of the devices will be called for and imposed not just on the grounds of "health", but on those of national security. The WHO is already a (publicly-financed) mere instrument of Big Pharma’s commercial interests in the first place. That means that pharmaceutical multinationals are in control of one of the most important posts in the UNITED NATIONS.
The function of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (entities long in bed with the WHO and therefore with Big Pharma) will be essential for the implementation of world-wide prohibition. As has happened already for smoking bans and antitobacco policies, the countries who resist prohibition will be denied loans (or loans will be called) and they will be forced to succumb and to persecute their own citizens for tobacco possession. Those countries will also be forced to subsidize pharmaceutical smoking cessation products locally, using national resources of their taxpayers to inflate the profits of the multinationals.
The tobacco industry will try to compete with Big Pharma by producing nicotine delivery devices in a last-ditch attempt to survive.
At that point, all the signatories of the WHO TFC criminal plan will comply promptly, their political and financial arm twisted by the WB, and blinded by the tarted-up statistical frauds concerning the mortality of smoking. Local politicians will tout prohibition as needed for "public health", and as a necessary step in social progress – a simple, logical step stemming from the fact that the "legal" product already cannot be consumed legally anywhere because of general – and accepted – smoking bans.
In the meantime, “real” tobacco production will shift into the hands of Big Crime, which is already waiting for the de-legalization of cigarettes, and gearing up to fill market demand. It must not be forgotten that Big Crime thrives on criminal prohibition plans. Criminal activities will explode everywhere — for tobacco will be the largest single market ever for illegal drugs, with a potential world market of about 1.7 billion people. Even if half of them will quit or switch to Pharma inhalers for fear of prosecution or other reasons, the black market will still approach the billion mark. Smokers will get cigarettes loaded with all kind of narcotics (thus becoming addicted for real, with all that follows). Other poisons will be present, because cigarettes will no longer be subject to any quality control. Lethal substances in contraband cigarettes have already caused severe health damage in super-high cigarette taxation zones such as the UK.
Cynically, the “public health” criminal establishment will simply relegate tobacco to the “war on drugs”, and will offer to “help” the smokers it is killing by boosting publicly-funded smoking cessation centres to which mandatory attendance will be imposed by court decisions against the “junkies” who have been caught using the illegal substance.
The non-pharmaceutically produced nicotine delivery devices, naively promoted by “smokers groups”, will be made illegal through ad hoc regulation because deemed “unsafe” – thus eliminating not only the small fries from the market, but what is left of the former cigarette manufacturers now also producing the devices. But ex- Big Tobacco will have scrambled in the meantime to desperately diversify into “socially acceptable” products and markets.
Big Pharma, now solidly in control of the United Nations’ WHO, will be guaranteed the total world monopoly of the legal nicotine market – while smokers will be left to deal with the police, and society left to deal with the immense crime wave and social disorder that will ensue after prohibition. But that has nothing to do with pharmaceutical accounting and profit sharing.
Much later, false statistics by “public health” will either show a decrease in the incidence of lung cancer and other diseases (to show that prohibition is a “good thing”), or they will simply ATTRIBUTE the diseases to the next market target chosen by the pharmaceutical industry, repeating the cycle while advocating the "success" of tobacco prohibition. Alcohol and many foods are next, and the procedure has already started.

That is why proposals such as that of senator Enzi must be taken very seriously. The tobacco prohibitionists are trying to set in motion the legal chain of events that will inevitably lead to prohibition. And the pressure is mounting, because the multi-billion investment of the pharmaceutical industry in statistical frauds, propaganda and corruption of “public health” authorities all over the world demands a return.
One of the problems that FORCES has always encountered is that its gloomy predictions have not been taken seriously because of short vision. “That will not happen, you are exaggerating for effect”; “Not in England”; “Not in France”; “Not in THIS country", or "town”; “They will never go THAT far”. Those are just a few examples of what we often got through the years – the product of a parochial, limited vision that still does not extend to an international criminal plan. Yet almost every prediction we have made in the last ten years has come true. Equally true is that not believing the logical and inevitable sequence of events helps the short-sighted and the weak to "survive the day" — and to not undertake the risks that come from an active, dedicated opposition to antitobacco. A consolidation of the extremely fragmented anti-healthist movement is an essential element in preventing prohibition. The petty, local and personal agendas must give way to a coordinated international movement before it’s too late — and time is short.
It is also equally true that sloth and perpetual denial eventually present their bills – and the bill, this time, is perhaps the most widespread social disaster in living memory, just because of the sheer size of the “public health” criminal enterprise. Does it seem like an exaggeration? Well, the "drug wars" are already responsible for a huge swath of the petty crime — and serious violent crime — in most industrialized countries. They are also responsible for countless unnecessary imprisonments. Finally, they are responsible for making some of the most anti-social and sickeningly ruthless individuals in our society among the ranks of the wealthiest on the planet. Yet the prevalence of those drugs that are currently illegal pales compared to the market that will be delivered to the underworld if cigarettes are made illegal. And the underworld will be pedalling not only tobacco, but will use tobacco as a covert delivery device for God knows what other drugs. Imagine the consequences.

— FORCES International



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