No talking. No eating. Not even a glass of water. No music either. Act like a crash dummy, you must be a dummy in your car, your part has been assigned. This is the latest official "health and safety" advisory from the United Kingdom.

Virtually anything British police wish to cite as a "distraction" to driving, now including smoking, may be so cited in traffic court. So all but crash dummies are at risk of legal trouble. Actually, crash dummies would be quite lively compared with the typical inhabitants of a British automobile, but then we are all dummies, in the eyes of paranoid bureaucrats. They sneer at us even while trembling at every thought that pings through their pin-heads. For instance:

"A recent report at Brunel University warned that car crashes could rise as the ban on smoking in public places leads more people to take a drag at the wheel."

So, we stand "warned" by academics who speak of hypotheticals, but in today’s Precautionary Principle times, hypothetical is a synonym for proven causation. There is no evidence that smoking is a traffic risk but there is abundant evidence that a paranoid government wants to suffocate smoking and smokers.

If the smoking ban really did increase risk the remedy would be to eliminate the smoking ban — which is based on a scientific fraud anyway — in order to restore safety. That won’t likely go over with authorities however: perhaps this is the one risk they will take.

What next? Make smoking illegal. That is, via stepping stones, where authorities have long been headed. If we allow it they will succeed. Don’t be a dummy. It’s time to fight.



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