It’s nice but very strange to see truth in The Times of London. We recently noted a Times story which stated plainly that UK bars are dying aplenty from the smoking ban. That’s common knowledge, of course, but it’s the sworn duty of mainstream media to deny politically incorrect awareness at all times.

Now we’ve come across another recent Times story to the same honest effect. These items, two of them now, are quite astonishing. One would as soon have expected a ringing endorsement of capitalism in the Soviet Pravda, or of aspirin, in the Christian Science Monitor.

Perhaps a few writers at the The Times have figured out that their readership is fed up to the teeth with antismoking lies. Maybe the editors just let some truth slip out on a couple of occasions when they were drunk. In any case their advertising bosses at Big Pharma will tell them to cut it out.

It surely is strange to see truth in The Times. We’ll keep watching and will let you know if we come across any more truthful blurts in this generally smoker-hating, prohibition-touting, goose-stepping Health Nazi publication.



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