This short but interesting post by Mark Wernimont in his blog reminds us of the futility of voting, nowadays. First of all, you end up choosing one of the opposing idiots/crooks who say the same thing turned inside out. Second, you are wasting your time. Here is why.

Why? Well, read Mark’s posting: another $200 million have been invested by Big Pharma to lobby for smokers’ bans so that smokers turn to the use of pharmaceutical smoking cessation trash.

Think about this: how many times have you been asked to vote for banning yourself? It is true that in VERY few areas, and after endless bombardments with false and distorted medical information on the effects of smoking by the “public health” crooks and their political minions, the fooled majority has chosen prohibition. But those are rare exceptions to the rule that smoking bans are a top-down fraud and impositions. And even in those cases, the fraudulent antismoking political campaigns were fuelled primarily by recycled pharmaceutical money.

Unfortunately this phenomenon is far from being limited to the antismoking fraud. So, in the last analysis, we end up choosing amongst people and political forces whose strings are eventually pulled by Big Pharma, the environmentalist racketeers or the antismoking crooks, no matter what political colour you choose.

Put quite simply, an honest candidate who would say: “I am going to fight the antismoking fraud, the environmental fraud, the obesity fraud and I am going to destroy junk science to restore freedom of choice, the integrity of institutions and personal liberties” would simply not get a dime of funding to make a phone call and let you know that he is there so you can vote him. Such person would not have a chance to exceed the limits of his own small town unless he is ready to compromise and suppress his entire platform!

Therefore today we exist in a system designed to allow visibility to only those who support systematic false information on health and behaviour – such is the grip that those, after all, tiny pressure groups have on politics. This situation standing, it would be interesting to know the difference with the USSR “elections” of candidates who ducked a Siberian vacation by saying “the right things.”

Why waste time choosing when the "stuff that matters" (ideology and integrity) has been pre-selected for you already? Do you care to choose the minutia of how you – the smoker, the drinker, the fatso – are going to be eliminated for society? It’s far better to stay home and smoke. No matter what candidate you choose, the billions spent by Big Pharma will take care of him/her anyway. That will happen in a way that is clear and tangible for you, as YOU are going to be banned – until YOU decide to take to the streets in a way that the mass-media cannot suppress.

Here is a small sample of how Johnson & Johnson rules the politics on smoking. More stored links here.



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