Phil Williams (“Hairy Chestnuts”) tells us the personal reasons why he joined Freedom to Choose. They are important reasons, because they are shared by millions of people.

It is true that there are millions of smokers that shrug off the bans by saying “it’s the law”, clearly implying that “there is nothing one can do about i.t” Tthat is exactly what the “public health” gangs want you to think: their power is so great that it is useless to fight it, and it is easier to OBEY.

But other millions of smokers see it differently. They DO NOT want to obey, and they have radically changed their lives, now stripped of almost all social contents. They also realize that individual disobedience changes nothing. That is another stronghold of antitobacco: counting on the fact that the individual realizes the “futility” of his efforts and simply gives up and complies.

But there is another way: organized resistance and, hopefully, organized disobedience. This has to do with smoking – but it is not just about smoking: it’s about drinking, cameras in the streets, being fat, being told when to speak with others while driving… the list is incredibly long, and it grows every day with no end in sight.

Faced with what seems like an unstoppable and overwhelming wave of oppression and intelligent psycho-propaganda aimed to install that oppression Phil felt alone but he quickly discovered that millions are in the same situation, and have learned to communicate through the Internet on how to fight Big Brother. This video fits well with our recent “Introspection” production posted on the Multimedia portal

…And the division is not between smokers and non smokers, by the way: it is between sheep that accept the will of the state as the final word and fighters who rightfully believe that state laws that do not respect the rights of all, themselves do not deserve any respect.



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