Interesting and powerful piece by Elizabeth Whelan on the abuse of science by institutions and the media, emphasising the woes that betide any who buck the party line.

"…Literally within moments of the posting (it was for a good part of the morning the lead story on CNN), I began getting e-mails and phonecalls stating I should be ‘ashamed’ of myself, asking ‘how you get to sleep at night,’ claiming that I was responsible for suffering and death among children – frequently accompanied by the assertion that I did not represent science but was a tool for the ‘chemical industry.’"

These are the results of Healthism and of the public hysteria created by the media, who copy and paste any and all junk science trash that comes through their fax machines, scooping up any poor grist for the shock mill. Those who speak against junk science are labelled "irresponsible" and accused of causing deaths – deaths that have never been proven to exist in the first place.

The Salem witch hunt is here. We are beginning to see some reflection and some change in some sectors of the scientific community and the media. Much more is needed in this direction, very urgently, and we must fight to attain this.



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