Those of us who are engaged against the Fraud of the Century often have a hard time understanding how the epidemiological swindles and propaganda against smoking are so easily bought by John Q. Public. This video highlights the answer: astonishing ignorance.
It is a funny video but it speaks volumes. The cultural devastation resulting from long-declining public education is nowhere so evident as in the USA but — to be fair — most nations of the world are by now running into the same problem. It’s been said, if you think that education is expensive, try ignorance. Well, it’s being tried, and tested to the limits, it seems.

The results aren’t pretty. The pandemic of ignorance throughout the Western world brings about a feeling of inadequacy and low self-esteem amongst the public. That in turn predisposes the delegation to “experts” of ever simpler tasks and decisions. Ignorance also brings about simplistic thinking, gullibility, and superstitions. Finally, all that combined with insecurity, brings about fear and hatred.

The hatred and prohibition against smoking and smokers is brought about by ignorance. Many or even most smokers and non-smokers, now largely deprived of the tools for autonomous thinking and judgement, believe the “health authorities” and the “experts,” no matter what they say. What was laughable in thinking times is taken as serious and factual in our cloddish times.

Impaired intellects confuse lifestyle epidemiology with science, for example, because they have no idea of what either really is. They are impressed by “difficult” words that tumble out of the mouths of the “public health” cons for the very purpose of dazzling the public into blind belief.

They accept lifestyle epidemiology, the modern eugenics, as authoritative. They do not understand the bogus nature of its claims of “X% more risk” but simply hear and believe there is risk, thus danger.

They accept zero as a reasonable number: zero exposure, zero tolerance, zero debate. How can you debate anyway when you are thoroughly ignorant?. Zero, in fact, is not a number and requires no arithmetical skill for understanding. This seems to explain its current popularity.

Thus, criminals with Ph.Ds, introduced with reverence by equally ignorant mass media, are believed when they tell the public that smoking and passive smoking “kill,” while evoking fears and the false promise of virtual immortality for non-smokers. In fact, they are believed by many no matter what absurd lie they manage to vomit from their “authoritative” mouths.

All they have to do is avoid confrontation with other Ph.Ds who can expose their frauds — and that’s exactly what they do. That’s why "the debate is over” for smoking and environment. The ignoramus public simply blinks and nods: if the experts the media likes to feature say "it is so" then it is so. There is no need of understanding. Critics may be ignored. That keeps things simple.

This video spotlights general ignorance. In parts it seems to take advantage of an understandable lack of familiarity with world events or political figures in some interview subjects, but with others, the gullibility and ignorance are truly stupendous. It may never be easy to believe so many people are so very dumb. After laughing at this video, you will thank God you can still think, when so many cannot, and you will have a bit more insight into the “majority” that believes “public health.”



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