We recommend listening to this talk show by Dave Hitt from The Quick Hitts Podcast. The title is “Sickly Wikipedia”. Do not trust Wikipedia. It is controlled by antitobacco.

Wikipedia, in principle, seems a wonderful idea. In a perfect world, as Dave Hitt suggests, if everybody is allowed to edit everything, then in the end, with balanced perspectives, nothing would come closer to truth and perfection. So goes the theory.

Reality is different. If you look at the tobacco-related pages of Wikipedia, you see a bunch of false, fallacious, and one-sided information. Many of our readers, quite independently and unbeknownst to each other, tried to edit this erroneous information. After all, following the Wikipedia principle, the end result should have been balanced information.

We know of at least 5 people who, independently and in widely separated time periods, have attempted to edit the particularly and glaringly alarmist information at Wikipedia on passive smoking; with Dave Hitt, we now we know of six people.

In fact, we even did it ourselves, but with all of us (Dave Hitt included), the same thing happened: generally within a couple of hours, all the information entered was reversed to the false or one-sided information Wikipedia reported before.

There is only one possible conclusion: an antismoking operative is in control of the tobacco issue – probably planted there by some pharmaceutical-funded antismoking gang. If you cruise Wikipedia for the tobacco issue (active smoking, passive smoking, scientists involved on both sides), in fact, you see the following, consistent pattern, which is textbook-typical of antismoking propaganda:

a) Antismoking crooks are portrayed as credible people with integrity, and their pharmaceutical funding is never considered, or even mentioned.
b) Those who oppose the antismoking fraud are simply and blatantly ignored if they did not have contacts with the tobacco industry.
c) If there has ever been even remote contact between an opponent and the tobacco industry, or mere suggestion of such contact, this is highlighted prominently, in an attempt to portray substantive debunking of antitobacco ideology as evilly inspired and unworthy of consideration.
d) “Causation” of cancer and heart disease from smoking, a patently fallacious interpretation of statistical evidence, is consistently portrayed as clear and indisputable fact, as if scientifically established.
e) The same is applied regarding other maladies, and with especial vehemence when it comes to passive smoking, including extra-scary language packed into these passages.

If you try to edit the Wikipedia information to include statements that counter the fraud, the following happens, all the time (it happened to us too!):

a) You are asked for documentation – and if you don’t procure it, your statements are promptly deleted.
b) If you procure links to the original documentation, you are told that those links are in violation of copyright laws, and your statements are promptly deleted.
c) If you procure numerous citations for the documentation, you are told that they are too many, and your statements are promptly deleted.
d) If you procure a lesser number of citations for the documentation, you are told that they are too few, and your statements are promptly deleted.
e) If you procure links to other sites that demonstrate the fraud, you are told that such practice is illegal, and your statements are promptly deleted.

In short, Wikipedia collaborates with the Industry of Fraud and allows only information that leads readers to believe that “smoking kills” in all forms, and that anyone who disagrees is not credible, because he is on the tobacco industry payroll. Disagreement from sources far and wide, with no conceivable link to the tobacco industry, is purely and simply censored.

Wikipedia is a particularly favoured information source of the young, and the young, of course, are a particularly favoured propaganda target of the antismoking cult.

Listen to Dave Hitt’s report – and don’t believe Wikipedia. Because of its own design, Wikipedia can be hijacked and controlled by special interest groups that monopolize information. All it takes is to plant the “right” editor.

Wikipedia is a Health and Safety cult dominion. Essentially the same censorship, for example, is also applied regarding global warming. Global warming is portrayed as man-made to mould the “right” ideology. Dissenting scientists are either ignored, or portrayed as stooges of some vested interest.

Wikipedia, like most of the mass media, is not a genuine information source on such issues, but rather an indoctrination tool. There are sources that tell the whole story on such issues – that are not subject to the hijacking of special interest groups – which we cite on these pages every day.

We don’t really recommend that anyone else try to rectify Wikipedia. The present editors seem hopelessly locked in goose-step and this situation seems unlikely to change. Should anyone try, however, we’ll be interested to hear about his experience. Write to us at info@forces.org. The best course at this juncture is simply to understand, and spread the word, that Wikipedia is a microfiltered font of Healthist ideology.

Click the link below to hear Dave Hitt’s podcast.



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