Now that the United States is blessed with a Commander in Chief who enjoys cigarettes, can smoking again be a signature of the "cool" and "with it"? The question is rhetorical since smoking cigarettes has been, is, and always will be cool. The author of the linked article, a former smoker who has no problem with banning smoking in public buildings, the very buildings that are paid for and maintained by everyone, including smokers, cannot be an arbiter of cool. Those who have no problem with citizens enjoying a smoke know full well that a cigarette and the plumes of white smoke enhance the looks of all who indulge. So it would be with Barack Obama if he had the guts to smoke proudly and in the face of the prudes who dare to impose their brand of narrow morality on a nation that, in truth, finds the antics of the health Puritans repugnant and downright sinister.

As for Obama himself, cool as some may think him, with his recent announcement that after the rigors of the campaign he will now once and for all quit smoking, as he supposedly promised his little girls, he proves again he is about as spicy and hip as Lawrence Welk. The office of the president of the United States is hardly a tranquil position so one can well doubt that Obama will indeed quit his decades-long habit. Unfortunately, as a member of the political party that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the health behemoth, a smoking Obama will continue to exhibit all the repulsive traits of the "reformed" smoker without having to go through the bother of quitting. Hypocrisy and cowardice are never, ever cool.



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