This radio interview with Dr. Geoffrey Kabat is about five years old but it could have been recorded yesterday.

Nearly five years ago the famous, gigantic study of James Enstrom (right) and Geoffrey Kabat (right, below) on passive smoking in California demonstrated conclusively that there is no way to associate passive smoking with any disease. For that reason Kabat – and particularly Enstrom – were attacked viciously by the antitobacco ideologues and the junk scientists on the payroll of either “public health” institutions or the pharmaceutical industry. The assault extended to the British Medical Journal, that “dared” publishing an immense and scrupulous study that demonstrated – conclusively – that the passive smoking “dangers” are an epidemiological fraud because they cannot be measured.

Enstrom initiated this research and Kabat joined him to assist in the analytical portion of the study. They analysed passive smoking relative to heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD: laboured breathing, such as chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.) Kabat mentions in the interview that critics shivered at seeing heart disease and lung cancer relative risk results frequently lower for persons exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and also that these critics seemed to overlook some of the COPD results which were higher, however, all of the ETS risk results for all three conditions failed the minimal test of statistical significance.

In fact the Enstrom and Kabat results were typical of ETS studies overall. There simply is no reason to believe in any risk from ETS. Where Enstrom and Kabat differed from previous authors was in presenting results plainly, rather than cherry-picking one or two higher numbers, and burying the rest, a customary practice of presentation in studies of this kind. Coöperation from the American Cancer Society (ACS) and funding from the State of California for this study was withdrawn when preliminary results suggested too many of those nasty low numbers. Enstrom then received funding from the Center for Indoor Air Research (CIAR), a foundation supported by the tobacco industry, to complete his work-in-progress.

The data is that of the ACS. The attempt at financial censorship was by the state. Criticism of the researchers for continuing with CIAR funding is no legitimate criticism, but only highlights the attempt to suppress their work, by the antitobacco elite. Enstrom and Kabat deserve credit for persevering in the face of violent opposition from the Healthist establishment. They should have stated plainly that their prohibitionist colleagues were fanatical charlatans but they were too polite for that. Their attackers showed them anything but politeness.

What the E & K study demonstrated most clearly is that, when it comes to smoking and other lifestyles, science is totally corrupted by ideology and payola. The hatred against the two authors and the BMJ was immense – as immense as the forum on the BMJ website that followed the publication of the study. That forum itself was the saddest, most foetid demonstration of how low the “public health experts” and their institutions have fallen – a squalid display of hatred and resentment against those who still acted in the name of rationality.

The BMJ was called a “tabloid." One “scientist” said: “I won’t dignify this rag with my credentials”. Another posting said: “Thanks for turning back the clock on public health decades or more. We don’t need this kind of negligence from what used to be a professional medical publication. I seriously wonder who got paid off at BMJ to publish this utter garbage.”

According to these ideological garbage men, the “forward” of the public health clock is in the direction of prohibition, culture engineering, regulation to extinction, abject use of blatantly false information, hatred and superstition against targets that cannot be demonstrated to be guilty – just because this professional trash that dares calling itself "scientists" says so. Indeed, such "scientists" should not be dignified with a title in front of their names.

Remember: these are supposed to be “cold” scientists, not hot-headed activists. The message was clear: the greatest and most criminal scientific fraud of human history – that passive smoking hurts people – must be left undisturbed, to allow it to be the key instrument for the elimination of active smoking, cause of all evils – to the point that not even one death can be demonstrated to be caused by it.

To that end, no means must be spared and no professional or moral boundary is to stay unbroken. People must be scared to the point that they hate smokers, and accept any and all frauds, prevarications, and subversions of their values and juridical systems, as long as they get rid of satanic smoking. This is why, to get rid of antitobacco, exactly the same kind of force and intellectual violence must be used. Make no mistake: showing that “they” are “bastards” will change nothing, unless “they” are treated like bastards.

If you’ve heard it before, this interview with Kabat of 15 May 2003 is worth listening to again because, if anything has changed, it has changed for the worse. The host, uncustomarily, is not sold-out to the antismoking agenda and she does not try to make Kabat look bad. In fact, at the seventh minute of the interview she makes a sharp observation: “It seems, at the moment anyway, as though people don’t want to hear what you have to say." Kabat replies: “Listen, I think you hit the nail on the head." She did indeed. There is no causal link between passive smoking and disease but there sure is one between hatred and junk science. That is why some people don’t want to hear the truth.

The criminals of “public health” have deliberately induced fear and hatred in the public, to make the public accept the killing of choice and the acceptance of institutional corruption and scientific fraud as a way to govern against the ghosts that they themselves have created – an old trick that keeps on working because people don’t read history. Listening to this interview once again gives to the fighters on our side appreciation of the size of the problem – and of the force necessary to solve it.

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